‘Famous in Love’ recap: 1×07 “Secrets & Pies”

Famous in Love recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “Secrets & Pies”, Aired May 30, 2017

Multitasking at its finest.

Paige is ready for dance practice and studying at the same time. Twitch arrives and lets her know that Rainer is still “sick.” At Rainer’s place, he’s going on a run, ignoring her calls. Jordan tells Rainer that he still has to work with Paige so he shouldn’t totally ice her out. Jake and Alexis are still rolling around in bed together while he works on rewrites for his script. Alan lets Tangey know that she’s not acting in the movie, but she’s still singing in the movie. When Cassie gets to the set, she gets to meet Twitch and is over the moon with excitement. Who wouldn’t be? It’s Twitch!

Famous in Love
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Everything is Rainer’s fault:

  • Tangey blames Rainer for getting fired.
  • Jordan instantly thinks it’s his fault.
  • Tangey is embarrassed.

Secrets don’t make friends.

Cassie is afraid to tell Paige that she doesn’t want to be her assistant. She thinks it will ruin their friendship. Paige runs into Ben and Lauren from The Bachelor then sees Rainer giving the new girl from Hong Kong the same tour he gave her. Jake and Alexis are meeting with a rep from the studio and she has (even more) rewrites for Jake’s script. The rep tells Alexis they want Rachel for her co-star. Awkward! Tangey gets to the beach house and Jordan’s mom is there.

Famous in Love
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Brandy has a bookie:

  • Well, it’s Aiden’s bookie. Aiden is the guy that Jordan killed.
  • Tangey is not happy that Jordan lied about his mom being dead.
  • The bookie stole Rainer’s furniture.

Give it up, already.

Paige is late to class, again. Her Econ professor is not thrilled and will not call on her to answer any questions. Alexis tracks Rachel down at yoga to talk to her about Jake’s script, but Rachel wants nothing to do with it. The stunt coordinator doesn’t want Rainer or Jordan to do their own stunts, even though Rainer says that he can do them himself. Alexis finds Rachel to try to talk to her, yet again. Stalker much?

Famous in Love
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Alexis can be persuasive:

  • Alexis says she’s seen as the girl next door. Really? More like the beotch next door!
  • Rachel says she should have called when she found out Alexis didn’t get her fired. Ya think?
  • Rachel is going to read the script.

Money, Money, MONEY!

Jordan needs money to help his mom out of a jam again. He has to pay the bookie off so that they’ll stop coming after her. Rainer hears him on the phone, so Jordan tells him the whole story. Cassie comes home with her cleaning supplies and Paige is in the kitchen wondering what Cassie is doing. Cassie tells her she doesn’t want to be her assistant, she’d rather keep doing what she’s doing.

Famous in Love
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In Cassie’s eyes, Paige has it easy:

  • Cassie tells Paige she doesn’t want to watch her live out her dream.
  • Paige wishes she didn’t even go to the audition.
  • Cassie didn’t think Paige would get the part, but she gets whatever she wants.

Final Thoughts: Taking a job you love shouldn’t mean selling your soul.

Jake is afraid once he finishes all of the rewrites his movie won’t look anything like what it was originally. Paige is losing her friendship with Cassie because she got the part in a movie that Cassie really wanted. Paige confronts Rainer and tells him to stop freezing her out because she can’t afford to screw this job up. Afterward, Rainer actually shows up for rehearsal. She is also able to negotiate with her professor to get a better grade in Econ by offering the professor’s daughter a tour of the set and selfies with Rainer and Jordan. Tangey’s mom is going to get her back on Locked, even though Tangey doesn’t want her mom to be her manager anymore. Alan is starting to get even more suspicious about Rainer’s paternity. For good reason.

Famous in Love
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Bombshells of the week:

  • Tangey finding out Jordan’s mom is alive!
  • Cassie is still a topless maid! Remember, they’re just boobs.
  • Rachel wants to replace Jake as the writer on his own movie! WTH!

6 Questions we need to have answered:

  1. Is Jordan going to be able to pay the bookie?
  2. Are they really going to fire Jake?
  3. Will Cassie and Paige ever be friends again?
  4. What kind of movie is this? Time sorcerer?
  5. Is there any more pie left?
  6. Is anyone else jealous of Paige’s hair or is it just us?

Famous in Love airs Tuesday’s on the FreeForm network at 9pm|8pm CST, or stream the entire 1st season now on the FreeForm App or on Hulu.

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