7 ways ‘Supernatural’ could carry on into season 13

The finale of season 13 of Supernatural was anything but comforting. Three characters died and a lot was left unanswered. So where can the show possibly go from there? We have a few ideas.


1. Castiel comes back—but in a different way

Misha Collins confirmed that Cas is coming back. Cue us sighing a huge breath of relief. But obviously something big will change because he looked very dead when Lucifer stabbed him. So what will change? Will Castiel be human again? And how does he come back—will the nephilim have a role? There are so many different roads this could take. But we’re just happy our fave angel will return.



2. Chuck makes an appearance

Something as big as Lucifer’s son being born has to at least get Chuck/God’s attention, right? With all the crazy stuff that went down in season 12, it feels like a no-brainer to say that Chuck will come back for at least one episode in season 13. He has the power to help with this, and from the looks of it, he might need to.

Chuck Supernatural


3. Lucifer and Mary in the alternate world

When we last saw these two characters, they were trapped together in a different universe. Not ideal. So what will happen? Will Mary escape, or will she work *with* Lucifer to get out of there together? Whatever the case, we definitely have some interesting scenes coming up. Honestly, we’d be happy to see her punching the devil even more.


4. Lucifer’s kid grows up

This plot point is now very, very real. With Lucifer’s son born, the nephilim could change the tide of a lot of things in Supernatural. Especially since Luci is stuck in the alternate universe. So will someone try to take on the duty of “raising” the child? And will it turn out to be good or evil? It’s up in the air at this point but we’re interested to find out.


5. Other versions of characters

Another interesting thing about the alternate universe is the potential for characters. We already met Alternate Bobby: hardened and very much alive. Will we meet a different version of Cas—perhaps a high-and-mighty warrior for Heaven? And will we see other dead characters like Charlie, Kevin, Jo, or Helen again? We sure hope so.



6. Rowena’s return

While we do know that Crowley won’t be coming back for season 13 (excuse us while we go cry), there might be a chance that Rowena will show up again. Her death seemed very sudden and glossed-over in the finale, and there wasn’t any concrete evidence that she couldn’t return. So we’re going to hold out hope that we’ll see the witchy beauty again.



7. Sam and Dean have a lot on their plate

As always, the Winchester brothers have a lot to deal with going into the next season. They have to figure out whether the nephilim is good or bad. Along with this, they might try to save Mary from the other universe. And they have to deal with Castiel’s death until he comes back. Long story short, they won’t be just saving people and hunting things. We’re already interested to see what happens!

Sam and Dean excited



What did you think of our predictions? Where do you see season 13 of Supernatural going? Let us know in the comments!

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