5 Disney animated films that need live action adaptations

Disney films that deserve the remake treatment.

The Walt Disney Company’s decision in resurrecting their classic animations as live action films remains a hit-or-miss with audiences, even with its popularity surging in recent years. While some approve of the practice, others conclude that classics should not be expurgated (let alone, touched), for they are classics for a reason.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, the purpose of this article is more to praise the success of the most recent to date, as well as concocting a brief list of films in which I wish Disney to remake.

Before present, I have watched any and every live action adaptation in which Disney had produced (considering that myself and others define me as a Disney aficionado, it is only expected of me do so). Without mentioning the ones in which I simply did not care for (I am just treading lightly), I did not fully appreciate adapted films until Cinderella had released in 2015. It was then when I first thought that Disney had finally succeeded in their exploration of revamping their own animated films.

Not only did Cinderella match its predecessor, but with today’s exponential growth of knowledge and technology, it had told its story in a far greater measure than ever imagined. Henceforward, Disney had found its groove, achieving breathtaking successes in Jon Favreau’s version of The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon (which, unfortunately, did not receive as much credit as it had deserved), and the latest Beauty and the Beast (my personal favorite).

Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Despite the plethora of live action remakes in the coming years (The Lion King being one of the most anticipated), there are still some yet to be reproduced. Below are five animated features in which I wish Disney to produce into live action.


Megara and Hercules in Disney's Hercules

Hercules = Greek mythology. What is not to love about Greek mythology? So, not everything was accurate in the film.  Whatever. I loved Hercules, simply because of two reasons: Hades and Meg.

My dream cast? Armie Hammer as Hercules and Megan Fox as Meg! 

The Incredibles

Lucius Best / Frozone in Disney-Pixar's The Incredibles

Superhero fiction is probably the most popular genre in today’s film and television; therefore, why not produce a live action of The Incredibles?

My dream cast?  Chris Evans as Bob Parr and Scarlett Johansson as Helen Parr! (Are Kate Mara and Luke Mitchell too old to cast as Violet and Dash? Because, they would be perfect.)

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora in Disney's Sleeping Beauty

I can see why touching a masterpiece such as Sleeping Beauty can be, well, messy. But, I have faith in Disney.

My dream cast?  Dianna Agron as Aurora!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Prince Charming and Snow White in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Again, why not? Disney would just have to be extra careful with this one, considering that it was Walt’s pride and joy.

My dream cast?  Emily Browning as Snow White, Penn Badgley as The Prince, and Olivia Wilde as Evil Queen Grimhilde!

Treasure Planet

Jim Hawkins in Disney's Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is (arguably) the most underrated Disney animated film, ever. The animation was tops for film, even during its time. Additionally, the soundtrack was sensational — I still sing along to it every now and then! I am saddened that it did poorly at the box office and, unfortunately, does not seem to receive much love outside of its own fandom. The film deserves a new audience. Perhaps, a properly advertised reboot might do it.

My dream cast?  Can JGL play Jim Hawkins once more?

Bonus: Moana

Maui and Moana in Disney's Moana

So, Moana is still “too new” to be considered for adaptation.  This is my article, no?  😉

My dream cast?  Auli‘i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson were casted perfectly; therefore, I would want the two to reprise their roles.

I want to hear your thoughts! Do you agree/disagree with me? Which Disney films would you (not) remake?  Sign off, below!

(Featured Image via Walt Disney Pictures)


Christine Cenon

Christine has earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in Journalism, and has prior educational experience in screenwriting. Apart from writing for Pure Fandom, she is a contributing writer for FanBolt and Tell-Tale TV, and participates in roundtable interviews about Supergirl at TV After Dark. She also has two complete, unproduced screenplays under her belt.

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