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‘Once Upon a Time’ moments that made us LOL

In between all the villains and magic, Once Upon a Time has had some pretty light, awkward and funny moments. From awkward meetings, to snarky comments, to dramatic entrances, we’ve encountered some moments that made us laugh out loud.

Awkward taco encounter


You would have never thought tacos could be so misconstrued, did you? After Henry and Emma walked in on Snow and Charming undressed and in bed, Emma was more than mortified. She walks away, exclaiming she’ll be making tacos. And since that day in season 2, the fandom has coined “tacos” as the word for intimacy.

Just ya know, making pancakes


Ah another food so oddly used to use as a code word for doing the deed (trying to keep this post PG!) I guess it’s only fair that Snow walks in on her daughter and Hook in a compromising position as well. Snow seems equally as mortified to see her daughter in a robe and her pirate boyfriend on the table, asking if she was interrupting. Emma tells her she isn’t, but Hook tells her she is. What takes the cake is Emma telling her mom they were “just making pancakes.” Hmm but Colin O’Donoghue recently said at a con that pancakes is code for making little pirates…what’s the truth?!

David makes a grand entrance

E! Online

This was the most perfect entrance to ever exist ever. I think I might start walking into rooms like that. Not only was it the way he opened the door, but the way he sang as he did it. Honestly, that was just so great. So extra.

Ah the joys of meeting your ex’s mom & your bf’s ex


Speaking of awkward, this was, hands down, the most awkward scene in OUAT history. Milah could hardly believe that Emma not only slept with her son, but with her ex lover as well. I was mortified; Emma was mortified; Rumple didn’t seem that mortified; my dog was probably mortified. Yet, I just find it so hilarious because if you think about it, I don’t blame Milah’s reaction too much.

Science with Hook and Charming!


If you didn’t love Captain Charming before this, this probably solidified it for you. Since neither of the men have magic, they are completely clueless in regards to how to execute it. The spell book said to turn it clockwise, so Hook and David presume it means for them to spin themselves clockwise with the potion. What got me was Hook wasn’t even holding the potion, but he still turned. Honestly.

Hook’s pregnancy joke


Okay. This is a scene where if you blink, you’d miss it. However, I find it so hilariously inappropriate. Hook seriously has no filter. His sass is so strong. When David and Snow admit that they have no idea how their pregnancy happened, Hook goes ahead and says this. I spit out my coffee I laughed so hard. I just love how they ignore the comment.

Hook attempts to make Emma jealous


I don’t know why I find this funny, but I do. Hook wants to make Emma jealous, and it seemed it worked. As soon as Emma sees Hook and Tink emerge from behind Granny’s, she assumes the two were having tacos (sorry-had to). When Emma enquires about it, Tink is quick to say no, while Hook, in his smug ways, says yes.

Snow gets drunk AF


I didn’t know I needed to see Snow drunk until I did. Even though this episode was honestly so angsty, this made me laugh so hard. She was so gone, and then she decides to challenge Vikings to a knife throwing contest. Well, after she mocked them. This gif is making me laugh so hard-Regina is all chill. Then there’s Snow. Iconic. I wanted more.

Honorable mentions: Mummy & Regina hates mermaids

These scenes were so extra; I laughed so much. Snow was so unamused by Hook calling her “mummy.” I died a  little. Then Regina throws out that line to David, and I lol’ed.


Sometimes this show can be a bit depressing, so I love when they have scenes that makes us laugh. There are so many other scenes I wish I could’ve included, but to save you from reading a thesis paper, I selected some of mine and the fandom’s favorites. What’s the funniest scene for you? Sound off below!

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