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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ delivers on the thrills and kills

Honestly, haven’t we all thought what it would be like to be in a horror movie? While we’re sitting there on the edge of our seat knowing that the killer is right around the corner, we’ve pictured what we would do. That’s why the new Friday the 13th: The Game is so rad. It literally puts you right in the middle of the action at Camp Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th: The Game
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If you feel like you’ve heard about this before it’s because you probably have. The game has been in development for quite a while after blowing their Kickstarter campaign out of the water. Now that it’s out gamers can join matches with friends or other members, and then they spawn as a certain character for the game; Jason or a counselor. Yep, you heard right! You can play a game as the nearly-invincible, mindless killing machine that is Jason Voorhees. Horror fans everywhere rejoice! And as far as the counselors go, it’s just as mind-blowing. Trying to escape the infamous slasher really gets your heart racing.

Here’s a little bit of a look at what the game’s about and why you NEED to try it out!

The Counselors

Friday the 13th: The Game

In a perfect match, you’ll have 8 players: 7 counselors and 1 Jason. Chances are most games you’ll spawn as a counselor unless you have a private match where you can assign Jason. That said, you’ve got lots of options with counselors and abilities. This is true for most multiplayer games and the Friday the 13th franchise as well. Certain characters are faster, stronger, or just plain luckier. As counselors, you try your best to work together to escape Jason through different methods. The more experience you get playing the game, the better counselors you can unlock, too.

Pro tip: Find other counselors fast! If you’re stuck by yourself and Jason finds you, it’s extremely hard to survive. There’s strength in numbers here. You can find your other counselor whereabouts on the map. Not to mention, it’s quicker to raid through locations to collect items to escape when you have more people.

Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th: The Game
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Just like the options of counselors, there are multiple Jasons to choose from. Each have different abilities and weapons. When playing as Jason in general, you have certain actions that assist you in hunting down the counselors. Jason can shift to different areas of the map, morph across, and also “sense” where the counselors are. The awesomely creepy (and brilliant) part is that while Jason gets closer the actual gamer playing as him can start to hear the real-life conversations of other counselor gamers over game chat and headsets. On top of that, Jason’s location is never revealed on the map unless a counselor can see him. He’s literally lurking around and you have no idea where he’s going to turn up next.

And let’s be honest….he’s got some pretty twisted executions that would please and sicken horror fans at the same time.

The Maps

Friday the 13th: The Game

This is a fun throw-in for any big horror fans that have followed the Friday the 13th series. The developers clearly did their research. There’s real buildings from the movies, and boy do the insides look pretty darn perfect to a tee. Players find themselves running through Packanack Lodge, Higgins Haven barn, and the campgrounds. You can also find yourself doing all of the ill-advised moves that people in horror movies make. For instance, there are beds you can hide under and closets you can hold your breath in (because those are clearly the last place killers look).

There are also several layouts that keep things interesting for players. The map layouts put buildings and objectives in different spots.

The Objectives

Friday the 13th: The Game
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For Jason, it’s clearly to kill all of the counselors. From a movie standpoint, he’s become a killing machine to avenge the death of his mother. All of this is reflected in the game as he has his creepy little shrine and often hears his mother’s voice leading him.

As the counselors, you want to survive by whatever means you can. This can be through map objectives or lasting long enough. For most games, counselors will want to go through all of the buildings and find weapons as well as equipment to get the H out of there. For instance, counselors might want to find batteries, gas, and keys to start up a car and high-tail it out. Others may stumble across materials to call for the police and get rescued. Or for the very brave, you might find the elusive way of killing Jason, but I’ve yet to personally see anyone pull that off.


There’s a lot of customization for game-play between the counselor options, Jason choices, maps, and objectives. Every time you play you could be a different character or find different items that lead you to trying a different escape method. Your character also always spawns at different spots on the map at the beginning of the game so you never know where you might end up starting. It’s also got some great work behind it in regards to catering to horror fans. The fact that you can’t see Jason on the map really stands out to me as a key feature. If you knew where he was, you could run away so easily. Instead, you have no idea when he might show up and it truly makes it a thrilling game.


Friday the 13th: The Game

As a counselor, it can be a bit of a hit or a miss in the luck department sometimes. I know I’ve had it happen where 4 or 5 games back to back I spawned all alone and right where Jason was. I didn’t even have the opportunity to try to find a weapon or other counselors because I died in the first 20 seconds just by chance. Another major con for most has been the technical errors. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has played (or tried to). The first few days there were major server issues and while some bugs have been patched there are still some fixes needed. The single instance I got to play as Jason, I went to grab a counselor by the neck from a car and the counselor just went invisible for the rest of the game. It’s pretty hard to kill a counselor when you can’t see them!

Once the final patches are put on though, I think it’s going to be a pretty successful game. It’s clearly shown its popularity with the majority of players so now we’ll see if that can carry past its first big week out!

P.S. If any developers are reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE either add on other horror villains and their maps or make some games for them, too. I would….kill….for Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers.

Friday the 13th: The Game

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