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Let’s Get Lit!: Our chat with ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ star and author, Amber Benson

Welcome to “Let’s Get Lit!” on Here we will chat with an author about their work and their
favorite nerdy loves! This super cool edition will feature Amber Benson, author of THE END OF MAGIC! I had the pleasure of chatting with Amber about her new book, Buffy and all things magical.

Meg Bonney: Hello! First, I want to congratulate you on the launch of THE END OF MAGIC!

Amber Benson:  Aw, thank you – I’m excited to have finally gotten the last book in the series out into reader’s hands.

Ace Trade Paperback

MB: Where can people buy it? 

AB: I think just about anywhere that books are sold – but I do know that Mysterious Galaxy (in San Diego) and Dark Delicacies (in Burbank) have signed copies.

MB: THE END OF MAGIC is the third book in your The Witches of Echo Park series and it feels like the stakes are even higher for Lyse and the witches. Without spoiling it, what can you tell us about this book.

AB: It’s the conclusion of a three book series and I think that the less said the better…but it’s very dark and unsettling.

MB: Again, without giving too much away, can you describe “The Flood” and what role that plays in THE END OF MAGIC.

AB: The Flood is the antithesis of the Echo Park coven of witches who are the main protagonists of the books. The Flood represents the corporate, greed oriented part of our society that wants nothing more than to use all the earth’s resources and leave nothing for the future. The coven is the last thing standing in the way of that happening.

MB: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of our favorites here at What was it like getting back together with the cast for the EW photo shoot?

AB: It was so lovely to see everyone. It had been quite a while since everyone was together, but it was like old home week. It’s just so nuts that it’s been twenty years…man, it makes me feel old!

James White for EW

MB: Love it! What are your thoughts on a Buffy reboot?

AB: Without Joss, it’s not Buffy. Unless they get him on board … it’s not something I think the fans will get behind.

MB: Did you draw some witchy inspiration from Tara and Willow when crafting Lyse and the rest of the Echo Park Coven?  

AB: I definitely was inspired by my time on Buffy – I think that the positivity around the Wiccans in the show was something I took with me when I wrote The Echo Park Coven series.

MB: Will there be more books in this series?  

AB: The End Of Magic is the last one in the series sadly.

MB: Do you have any events coming up?  

AB: I’ve done a couple of signings, but I’m a little bogged down with work right now so I think that’s gonna be it for this book.

MB: We all get way too into our fandoms here at What fandom makes you geek out the most? (A book, movie or TV show) 

AB: I love Diana Wynne Jones … her stuff was very inspirational for me as a kid.

MB: If you could dream cast anyone to play Lyse in a movie version of your book, who would they be? 

AB: Hmmm…that’s a tough one. I’m a big fan of the Australian actress Sarah Snook – I think she’d be amazing.

MB: Who would win in a magical battle, Lyse or Tara?  

AB: It would be a draw…actually, they’d just go get ice cream and hang out…forget the magic battling. I like that idea.

MB: Lastly, any advice for writers out there who are still working on getting published? 

AB: Just keep writing. Get your 10,000 hours in…the more you write, the better you get.

MB: Thanks so much for chatting today! I am a huge fan and I wish you all the best!

AB: You, too! Thank you for the great questions.

Be sure to pick up your copy of THE END OF MAGIC right HERE

Keep up with Amber on her website and follow her on twitter!

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