Eight shows to watch to get pumped for ‘Wonder Woman’

The time has almost come! Wonder Woman hits theaters this Friday (June 2nd) and we’re chomping at the bit! But if you’re like me, the wait feels like torture. While we wait, here is a list of eight amazing shows to help pass the time. So keep reading to find out which shows are getting us through the week.

8. Charlie’s Angels

Shows to watch waiting for Wonder Woman

Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson. Did I mention Farrah Fawcett? Talk about a show that’s all about women kicking ass and taking names! This one had a wide variety of women coming and going as the leads throughout it’s run. But that never stopped us from watching in fascination as these ordinary women took some big bads down. And all without a hair out of place. So if female empowerment is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it in these women! And Charlie and Bosley are okay too. You can grab this show off Amazon Video.

7. Supergirl

Shows to watch until Wonder Woman
TV Fanatic

She’s tough, smart, and never backs down from a fight. So if it’s a leading lady you’re looking for, Supergirl is it. Assistant by day, and super hero by right. Kara is certainly a girl we can get behind. She can fly and lift vehicles over her head like they’re feathers. But, more importantly, we relate to her. Kara has ordinary problems just like us, and that’s on top of other worldly problems. So this girl definitely knows how to multi-task! Catch Kara and her team on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Need to catch up? Look no further than Netflix!

6. Jessica Jones

What to watch waiting for Wonder Woman

Jessica Jones is my idea of a BAMF! This woman has some serious skills. And some serious issues, but hey, who doesn’t? Since this is a redemption story, you know we have some brooding. Jessica used to be a super hero, but that ended with a tragedy. So fast forward a bit and we find her a savvy and sarcastic PI. Also, she has a bit of a short fuse. And a volatile temper. But at least she helps those in need, especially if they can cut her a check. Because a girl’s gotta make a living, right? You can find this darker side of the female hero trope on Netflix. It’s one of their most popular original series.

5. The Bionic Woman

Shows to watch waiting for Wonder Woman
The Omega Sector

The Bionic Woman herself. Jaime Sommers is a secret agent disguised as a teacher. Did I mention she has some metal limbs? No? Well she used to be a tennis pro and daredevil to boot. Because of a skydiving accident, Jaime undergoes a life saving surgery. So an ear, arm, and both legs are replaced with bionic parts. Talk about a powerful right hook! One good hit from her might have you suffering permanent brain damage. This hero certainly isn’t one you want to get on the wrong side of! The Bionic Woman can be purchased from Amazon Video!

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What to watch waiting for Wonder Woman

You can’t have a list of shows with powerful female leads without the Chosen One. Buffy stole our hearts with her first smile. She redefined what a California girl could be. Of course, she had her troubles and obstacles. It definitely wasn’t rainbows and sunshine for this slayer. She had the worst luck with boyfriends, teachers, and fellow slayers. Who knew living on the Hellmouth would be such bad luck? But Buffy rose above it all, never giving up. She came to the brink a time or two, but with her Scooby Gang at her back, she always found a way. So head over to Hulu to relive this series. Again, and again, and again, and… Well, you get it.

3. Xena: Warrior Princess

Shows to watch waiting for Wonder Woman

Xena. One of the most independent women to ever grace our televisions. So she could be surly at times, and a tad barbaric at others. But we loved her sarcasm and dry sense of humor. She is a true hero with a great redemption story. Xena was pretty dark at one time, then set about doing what she could for the greater good. She grudgingly allowed Gabrielle to join her on her quest to save the world. As a result, this powerful female duo took on a countless number of villains and always found a way to take them down. She was determined and downright vicious about her quest. A woman after my own heart! You can check out Xena on Hulu!

2. Justice League

Shows to watch waiting for Wonder Woman

Even animated, Wonder Woman is not one to be trifled with. Not only does she have super strength and a powerful wit to match, but she’s also a master at hand to hand combat. And as you can clearly see above, she can also throw a mountain of a man over her shoulder like he’s a pebble. This series may be a cartoon, but don’t feel that you can’t watch it as an adult. If people over thirty can provide the voices, we can watch it as adults, right? Right? It’s on Netflix in case you want to flip it on through your profile. No one has to know.

1. Wonder Woman

What to watch waiting for Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter. She brought Wonder Woman into our hearts and homes so effortlessly. She never tried to deny who she was, instead she owned it. Never letting anyone stop her, she was a force to be reckoned with. Wonder Woman was an embodiment of female power from the tip of her tiara to the point of her boots. One of the strongest women to appear on our screens, Diana Prince fought the biggest and the baddest without an ounce of fear. She never let anything stop her and was an amazing role model for women everywhere! So catch the show that started it all on Amazon video.

We hope you enjoyed our list to help you get through the week. Hopefully they help the  time go by faster and get us to Friday unscathed. If you have another show you’ve found comfort in, let us know in the comments below! And we have more super hero girl news you’re not going to want to miss here! For more about upcoming movies and your favorite shows, check us out here.

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