The DC Super Hero Girls are coming to Cartoon Network and we’re excited

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for DC Comics. There are supposed to be new shows galore, especially due to the DC streaming service set to come out. On the list of new arrivals is a series dedicated to our favorite DC Super Hero Girls! We’ve seen the dolls while strolling through Target, and we’ve noticed the comic series on the kid’s shelf at our local favorite. While DC Super Hero Girls have had their own web-series online, it’s finally getting a TV adaptation. It’s coming to Cartoon Network in 2018 and we get the feeling it may end up on DC’s streaming as well.

Here’s a couple of reasons it’s worth keeping an eye out for DC Super Hero Girls when it arrives:

It’s everything you wanted growing up

I’ll be the first to admit that I grew up in the golden age of cartoons. One thing that was missing, though, was a super cool version of DC comics geared towards younger fans that focused on more than just Batman or Superman. DC Superhero Girls will bring something new and exciting to the table that I know I wish I had when I was younger. Characters like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Ivy, and Harley will be taking on the battles of crime-fighting and high school. Growing through adolescence can be a bit tumultuous, but to be able to have characters that know your same struggle is important.

I’m not saying young girls haven’t had any superheroes to look up to on TV or need gender-specific ones to identify with; oh the contrary! I grew up adoring Robin, and I turned out alright. What I will say, though, is that DC Super Hero Girls will bring even more variation to what is readily available for both young girls and boys to look up to.

It’s a bit lighter in nature

For most DC fans, it doesn’t come as a surprise to say that some of the content in the comics and other shows have dark themes and undertones. From what I’ve read, DC Super Hero Girls gives me the impression that it will be much less heavy. While still tackling some great themes in high school and crime-fighting, it won’t have to address all of the issues that we know these characters will find in adulthood. For both children and adults alike, this may be a nice break from the usual drama TV.

It focuses on friendship

When I think about how pop culture portrays high school, I think of Mean Girls. How amazing will it be if we see a show geared towards youth that shows just how important working together is? High school can be a cruel place for some people, but maybe the DC Super Hero Girls can portray a different model for our society. Besides, how often do you get to see Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn working together on something?


And I mean, haven’t you ever thought of what your favorite gals from DC would be like as kids/teens? I know I have! Check out their content and videos to get a jump start while we wait in anticipation of this awesome new series.

Featured Image courtesy of DC Super Hero Girls


Jackie Krych

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