Famous in Love recap: 1×06 “Found in Translation”

Famous in Love recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Found in Translation”, Aired May 22, 2017

Still friends, or Nah?

Rainer is walking Paige home from the birthday sleepover at his place, and they run into Jake who’s getting his mail. Jake doesn’t say anything, but Paige is still hurt about him not coming to her party at Rainer’s. Rainer convinces Paige to fly to Vegas with him for the weekend after he tells her that she can bring her entourage and her school books. When Paige gets inside she asks Cassie if Jake has said anything about the party, and Cassie says no. She tells Paige he just came home a little while ago so he must have stayed with Alexis. Jake showers and starts to head out and Paige asks him point blank why he didn’t come to her party and he tells her something came up.

Famous in Love
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Is it cold in here?

  • Why is it okay for Jake to hang with Alexis, but Paige can’t hang with Rainer? Jake’s a little hypocritical.
  • Paige asked Cassie to get the bracelet back so she could wear it to a meeting and she’s in deep crap!
  • Nina tells Alan that she has to fly to China to convince them Tangey’s part is not a ghost.

Lost in translation

Nina tells Alan she has to go or they’re going to lose a lot of money on Locked. Alan tells her that she’s in the middle of production, and she doesn’t need to leave right now but she insists that she’s the only one that can get the job done. Jake heads over to a frat house to study with a classmate; however, when he gets there a party is going on instead. The house has ordered topless maids. One of those happens to be Cassie. Guess her secret is out of the shirt, or bag. Jake goes home to look for her and finds Paige. He doesn’t want to tell her about Cassie but eventually, comes clean. Paige tells Jake that they’ll find her.

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Framing and blackmail:

  • Jordan goes to see Brandy, and she tells him that she’s been framed.
  • Brandy tells Jordan that if he doesn’t get her out she’s going to go to the press.
  • Nina tells Rainer that he has to go to Hong Kong with her to save Locked.

Unexpected guests

Alan crashes Nina and Rainer’s trip to Hong Kong, and Nina isn’t happy about it. Jordan bails Brandy out of jail and takes her back to Rainer’s beach house. Paige runs into Adam on set and asks him if he’s seen Cassie and he says no, but the lie detector determined that that’s a lie! When Adam gets home Cassie is waiting for him on his couch. Cassie tells him about her tuition troubles and what she’s been doing to pay her bills. Adam tells Cassie that her friends will understand, she just has to talk to them.

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Trouble in Hong Kong:

  • The meeting in Hong Kong is not going well.
  • The only way they will sell the movie in China is if they cast a Chinese actress.
  • Nina agrees without a second thought to Tangey.

Secrets have a way of surfacing.

Jake finds Paige combing through Cassie’s room looking for clues. He asks her what she’s doing, and she tells him that Cassie didn’t come home so there has to be something in there, a clue to tell them where she is. Jake finds a receipt for a pawn shop. Paige asks him if it’s for a bracelet, and Jake confirms it is. Now Paige knows what really happened to her bracelet. Cassie tells Adam about her mom and still is boycotting going home.

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Sweetness goes a long way.

  • Adam found the video of Cassie’s mom accepting her soap opera award. She missed seeing it when she was a little girl.
  • Jake has been incredibly sweet to Paige, making breakfast, and staying with her while they wait for Cassie.
  • Brandy makes dinner for Jordan. She burns it, but it’s the thought that counts.
  • Alan tells Nina how beautiful she is and what a good job she did with Rainer.

Final Thoughts: Friends it is!

Since getting the part in Locked, a huge strain has been put on the three amigos friendship. Between Rainer, Alexis, wardrobe fittings, and everything in between it’s been hard for the three of them to find a groove, but when Cassie went off the grid that all changed. Paige and Jake went into crisis mode to find their friend, and when she finally came home they were ready to embrace her with open arms. They vowed to be better friends to each other and to try to be there for one another. Let’s just hope it works.

Famous in Love
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Bombshells of the Week:

  • Paige totally stood Rainer up in Vegas. Like he flew there and everything.
  • Jordan picked Rainer up from the airport after he flew home from Vegas and when they got back to the beach house it had been robbed.

4 Questions we need to have answered:

  1. Did Paige go buy her bracelet back?
  2. Are Rainer and Paige officially done now that she blew him off yet again?
  3. Who robbed Rainer? Was it Jordan’s mom?
  4. Is Cassie going to quit her topless maid job?

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