‘Supernatural’: our 9 favorite moments from season 12

In Supernatural season 12 there were lots of ups and downs. Now that the season is over and we have to face the upcoming hiatus, let’s go over some of our favorite moments and scenes!


1. Dean kills Hitler (episode 5)

Ah, yes. We will likely never hear the end of this. (And honestly, who would want to?) After Hitler gets reincarnated, Dean shoots him in the head. Dean mentions it several times throughout the rest of the season, and we can’t blame him for it.


2. Sam and Dean escape prison (episode 9)

We all knew the brothers had it in them, but damn. After Sam and Dean get arrested when they exorcise Lucifer out of the President, the two escape their high-security prison. Watching Sam and Dean outsmart everyone on their trail was downright thrilling.


3. We meet Lady Castiel (episode 10)

We got an interesting look into Castiel’s past in episode 11, including the revelation that his vessel was once a woman. That, and the fact that he’s definitely come a long way. The Castiel we know now is much more likely to give people a second chance. Though he’s not proud of his past, it was cool to see just how much he’s grown.


4. Forgetful Dean (episode 11)

Okay, so there were parts of this episode that were downright heartbreaking (let’s not discuss that scene where Dean forgets his own name). But before everything gets really bad, Dean losing his memory is hilarious. For example, when he’s trying to prove to Sam that he’s okay and calls a lamp a “light stick”.


5. Pretty much all of “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” (episode 12)

supernatural 12x12

Let’s be real: this was one of the best episodes in the entire season. There was tons of humor, the climax was nail-biting, and there were some touching moments between Cas and the brothers. The Quentin Tarantino influence was also interesting and easy to pick up on.


6. Sam kills the Alpha vampire (episode 14)

Give us more badass Sam! The younger Winchester manages to kill the Alpha vampire with some help from Mick Davies. The two working together and outsmarting the original vampire is quite the feat. Plus we get an awesome slow-motion shot of the bullet.


7. The grenade launcher (episode 22)

Finally! After being mentioned several times in the season, in episode 22 Dean finally got to use his beloved grenade launcher. And it helped them escape the bunker, so it was a win-win. Fun fact: this grenade launcher business only got started because Jensen improvised in episode 5 and grabbed the weapon.


8. Hunters take down the BMOL (episode 22)

supernatural 12x22


The British Men of Letters were super present in season 12 of Supernatural. As the season went on, they got to be more and more sinister. Because of this it was so, so satisfying to see a bunch of hunters team up and show the BMOL how the world is supposed to run.


9. Bobby returns (episode 23)

Perhaps one of the only good moments of the finale (because honestly, losing three characters in one episode wears you down a little bit), it was amazing to see a familiar face. Even if it was a Bobby from an alternate universe and he didn’t know the boys, he was still Bobby. And we missed him.


What were some of your favorite moments of Supernatural season 12? What did you think were the best parts? Comment and let us know!

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