‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B discussion: Spencer’s huge mistake and Wren’s return

Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 7B, Episode 15, “In the Eye Abides the Heart,” Aired May 23, 2017

Uh-oh guys, the Liars may be in BIG trouble after Spencer made a really stupid mistake, which could lead them all to being sent to jail for the death of Archer Dunhil. Not only was that a big shocker, but Spencer also had a sneaky meet-up with a character we thought we wouldn’t see return to Rosewood again – oh yes, Wren is back!

Let’s discuss Spencer’s mistake in more detail:

Spencer, you STUPID AF girl, you have made a very bad mistake. Remember that time Spencer got super drunk and made out with the hot detective? And then she went, “drinks are on me,” and paid for them like an independent woman should? Well, Spencer used the wrong card. She used Archer Dunhil’s credit card to pay for their tab, and then she signed the receipt with her own signature. OMG!!!

What’s worse, is that Mr. Super-Hot-Detective is onto her. He knows the mistake that’s been made and only needs the proof of the signature to prove it was Spencer. If Spencer doesn’t get to the bar first (or make a deal with A.D. to fix it), Spencer will probably go down for his death.

With her having two connections to Archer Dunhil (Alison and Mary Drake), it doesn’t look good for her. There is so much evidence piling up against her. If Spencer does get caught, will she take responsibility? Or, will she take the girls down with her?

Wren’s return to Rosewood:

Just at the moment things started to go bad for Spencer, she meets up with the very familiar hottie and British doctor, Wren. WHY IS WREN BACK AND WHY IS HE MEETING SPENCER? Gawd, my brain cannot handle this.

What is also shady about this meet up is the fact that Ezra bumps into them at the airport, and Spencer acts all weird. She then tells him not to tell anyone. Hmm, why is she wanting this covered up? I’m still convinced that Wren is a possible A.D. suspect, and him being back could support that (check here for more theories on who A.D. could be).

If that is the case, does Spencer know, and is she in on it? Just what possible reason could Spencer have to meet with Wren when we haven’t even heard her, or anyone else, bring him up in a very long time? Something shady AF is going on between them too, and I really need to know what it is.

Also, why did Ezra hesitate in the first place to go up and speak to Spencer? It wasn’t until he saw them in a heated conversation that he turned back around. Maybe Ezra actually knows Wren and recognized him with Spencer. But, how, is the question!

Or another theory could be that it wasn’t actually Spencer at the airport – it was her secret twin. OMG, all these loose ends and endless theories are driving me crazy!

Here are some other crAzy things that happened in PLL 7×15:

  • Aria is swimming in deep water with A.D., and it’s now only a waiting game until she drowns. By making deals with the Devil (in disguise), Aria seems to think that will help her, her friends, and most importantly, Ezra. Since A.D. appears to have a document that can send Ezra to jail (that’s in Aria’s missing file), Aria is doing all she can to prevent that from happening. Let’s just hope Aria doesn’t go too deep into the dArk the side (read more on her possible A.D. connections here). FYI, wasn’t A.D. creepy AF using technology to put Aria’s face over theirs? Kind of disturbed now!
  • Looks like Lucas is more shady than we thought. Not only did Lucas lie about knowing Charles, he also lied about clearly being good friends with him. So much so, they created a weird comic book that was about a friend who got her revenge on her bullies after they tormented her. Hmm, sounds oddly familiar, right? Think Lucas could be A.D.? Yeah, us too.
  • Emission shippers can rejoice after this episode, as Alison and Emily decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and have the baby. Yay!
  • Mona LOVES the game that A.D. has made and wished she had came up with something like that (LOL, or should we be scared?). But, she agrees to help Hanna win the game.

Shout out to Troian Bellisario for directing a great episode! Make sure to share your thoughts about the episode and predictions in the comment section below and give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa.

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