‘Famous in Love’ recap: Episode 1×05, “Some like it not”

Famous in Love recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Some Like it Not”, Aired May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Eve, Paige.

Jake is home, just in time for Paige’s birthday. His reception is less than warm at first. Cassie and Paige both let him have it regarding Alexis. Jake lets them know that he doesn’t want to hear it. Alexis is actually helping him and that’s what he needs right now. Jordan and Tangey are heating things up now that they have the A-OK from Rainer. However, Jordan hasn’t broken the news to Nina yet. We bet that conversation is going to go well. Rainer and Paige are taking dance lessons; from Twitch! Originally they had three weeks to learn the routine. Wyatt tells Paige he’s moved the schedule up to three days.

Famous in Love recap
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Dancing isn’t for everyone:

  • Paige literally has two left feet.
  • Were you as excited as we were to see Twitch? We love him on Ellen!
  • There’s someone snapping pictures of Jordan and Tangey’s hookup at the beach house. That’s not at all creepy.

So much for a birthday celebration.

Happy 21st Birthday to Paige! For your birthday you get to once again disappoint your best friends! Cassie is making pancakes and Jake is excited about margaritas at Los Amigos when Paige tells them she can’t go. She tries to explain about the schedule change and how she has to go to Rainer’s to practice the dance. Jake isn’t buying it. He once again gets jealous. Paige points out that he just spent four days rolling around in the desert with Alexis. Burn! Pretty sure that hurt, especially since Jake left after that. Where did Jake go? Straight to Alexis’s trailer. He did go there for good reason, though. She found out that Newcastle wants to buy his script. Jake’s dreams are coming true, and it’s all because of Alexis.

Famous in Love recap
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Yo momma:

  • Jordan gets a letter from his mom, Brandy, finding out that she’s in jail.
  • It turns out Nina is the one that had the pictures taken of Jordan and Tangey.
  • Tangey’s mom had all of Tangey’s credit cards and bank accounts frozen.

Moving on. Already?

Paige sees Rainer leaving his trailer with another girl. Could Rainer be moving on already? He’s given up the chase that easily? Tangey thanks Rainer for talking to Jordan. She says that she knows that the relationship is serious for both of them. What she doesn’t know is Nina is listening in on their conversation. Paige tries to turn her paper into her professor, but since it’s over a week late her professor isn’t having it. Is it time for Paige to realize she can’t do school and the movie? Jake and Alexis meet with Newcastle studio and they commit to purchase his script.

Famous in Love recap
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Left with nothing:

  • Tangey’s mom will not unfreeze her accounts unless she rehires her.
  • Jordan tells her to go out on her own anyway.
  • Jordan doesn’t want to go to a packed club and sends her in by herself.

Final Thoughts: Surprise! It’s party time!

Rainer wasn’t hooking up with another girl, he was actually working with a party planner. Maddie, the party planner, told Paige that Rainer wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. Paige is so surprised and excited about the party. Wyatt lets her know that the dance is still on the original schedule of three weeks. Cassie calls Jake and tells him to come to Rainer’s for the party. Paige is convinced he’s not going to show and when he does she doesn’t notice. Rainer has her attention, and he should. He went through a lot of trouble to throw her the party of a lifetime. Jordan tells Nina that he wants to make things work with Tangey. Nina retaliates by telling Tangey’s mom that Jordan has been lying to Tangey about his mom. Tangey’s mom pays Brandy a visit in jail and offers to tell her story. This could get interesting.

Famous in Love recap
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Bombshells of the week:

  • Cassie and Adam totally hooked up after Paige’s party!
  • Paige and Rainer had their 1st overnighter! Relax, he slept on the couch.
  • Rainer’s dad is Alan!!! O-M-G!!!

5 Questions we need to have answered:

  1. What all happened with Paige and Rainer the night of her birthday? Enquiring minds want to know!
  2. Are Cassie and Adam like a thing now?
  3. How long is this thing between Jake and Alexis going to go on? We’re totally not feeling it.
  4. Why is Tangey’s mom such a beotch?
  5. Is there any cake left?

‘Famous in Love‘ airs Tuesday’s on the FreeForm network at 9pm|8pm CST, or stream the entire 1st season now on the FreeForm App or on Hulu.

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