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‘American Gods’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Git Gone”

American Gods, ep 1×04, “Git Gone” aired on May 21, 2017

This week, “Git Gone” finally gave us a glimpse of the tumultuous life and death of Shadow’s beloved, (adulterous) Laura Moon. Girlfriend was not a happy camper in life. Not before Shadow came into her world and only for a little while after their meet-cute when he tried scamming the casino where she worked. Laura seemed dissatisfied with life in general. As if there was some hole in her being that she couldn’t seem to fill up. So she took things to the extreme at every possible opportunity to break up the monotony in her life.  Huffing “Git Gone” bug spray in the Jacuzzi to give herself a little high.

Hooking up with exciting stranger and thief, Shadow. Rough sex whenever possible. Initially, Laura appeared somewhat satisfied in life and even stopped huffing the bug spray. They made love and barbecued with their good friends, Audrey and Robbie on the regular. Life was good. At least until the steady rhythm of life fell back into an all too familiar pattern for Laura.

American Gods recap Git Gone 3

Laura soon fell back into old habits and the “Git Gone” bug spray was added back to their household shopping lists. That wasn’t enough.  She talks Shadow into a “can’t lose” plan to rob her casino. Something that she warned Shadow off of when he showed up at her Blackjack table that first night. His charming smile and less than smooth sleight of hand didn’t work out the second time around. Laura’s plan wasn’t as foolproof as she thought and her thrillseeking plan landed her husband in jail. Sure he wasn’t blameless, but what’s a guide to do when your wife tells you that you don’t make her happy. (Well, not rob a casino for starters). Either way, Shadow ended up serving the time for them both, rather than cutting a deal that would’ve implicated Laura in the crime. So instead of one year jail time for both Shadow and Laura, he agrees to serve three of the six-year sentence. He only asked that she wait for him. She does…in her heart at least. Laura’s still gotta get her kicks, though. She ended up sleeping with her best friend’s husband as we already know but seeing it is all the worse. Robbie was hooked and wanted her to leave Shadow and he was going to leave Audrey (Foolish man! Audrey is fantastic and crafty!). The two met their end in a fiery crash. That’s when things get really interesting for Laura Moon.

Death Becomes Her

Laura believed in nothing when she lived. Anubis is the god who comes to collect her spirit and carry her to Sands to weigh her heart/sins against the feather as we saw with the old lady last week. Laura doesn’t need the scale to know where her sins will land her. She asked Anubis what would happen to her. Would she finally get the peace that she could never achieve in life. Anubis tells her that no. Since she believed nothing in life, death would be more of the same for her. A void. Darkness. And there was her jacuzzi where it looked like she was about to be entombed for all time (with a can of Git Gone?). However, before Anubis could seal the deal, a certain lucky coin pulled her back into the world. It turns out that it was Laura who saved Shadow from Technical boy’s faceless minions in the pilot. Resurrected, she now has some kind of super strength that allows her to cut through flesh with ease and knock the bones from one of the minions with a kick to dude’s family jewels.

American Gods recap Git Gone 7

Initially, newly resurrected Laura headed home, but she fled from there not wanting to face Shadow immediately. Perhaps it was guilt or maybe she was processing what exactly has happened to her. Or maybe she didn’t want to freak him out with the whole puking up embalming fluid and her cradling her severed arm which still moves on its own. This was a great move on her part because she ends up going to the next best safe haven. Her ex-bestie, Audrey’s place. They still needed to hash out the whole cheating thing and Laura needed help reattaching her arm. Easily the best moments of the night. Audrey waking up to see her zombified friend and then that awkward moment in the bathroom that either can escape. “Fuck your feelings” Audrey rightly told her friend who had no consideration for neither Audrey nor Shadow when she was alive. Then there was the awesome road trip as Audrey agreed to help Laura track down Shadow. Thankfully, Laura has some weird halo-like beacon that shines in the distance to let her know in what direction to go to find Shadow.

American Gods recap Git Gone 5

The ladies’ road trip is interrupted by Anubis and Ibis. Mr. Ibis is the writer of the “Coming to America” stories that we’ve been getting in nearly every episode. The two gods also run a funeral parlor. This is great because they’re able to stitch Laura up and clean her up a bit so that she doesn’t look so zombie-like. Anubis told his former charge that she has returned to the world of the living for a reason, but once her mission is fulfilled, he would be coming back to collect her. There is no changing her ultimate fate, it seems.

The episode ends just the same as last week’s episode. Laura sits waiting for Shadow in his hotel room. She’s ready to face whatever comes next. “Hi, Puppy.” Am I the only one who hates that she calls him puppy and pet? Otherwise, this episode was pretty fantastic. Laura Moon has some serious problems and her husband landing in jail was the least of them. Can’t wait to see exactly how Shadow reacts to Laura’s return. Thankfully his interacts with Mr. Wednesday and others have prepared him for this far more than poor Audrey. Laura’s ex-best friend handled things like a boss, though.

What did you think of ep 1×04, “Git Gone”? Hit the comments and drop your favorite moments and lines. Laura saved Shadow, but what’s so specially about Mr. Moon that all the Gods appear to be vying for his support. Only time will tell.


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American Gods airs on Sundays at 9/8c on STARZ


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