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’12 Monkeys’ binge recap: Brad and Cort Talk about that Season 3 Finale (Eps 8-10)

12 Monkeys binge recap: Season 3, Night Three of  the Syfy Binge Event (Eps 8-10), Aired May 21, 2017

Now that’s how you end a season in epic fashion. We finally got some resolution about the true identity of the Witness and Athan chooses a side. We got a lot of answers, but they couldn’t let us go without leaving us go with a few big questions. Brad and Cort are back to piece together this season’s timey-wimey puzzle and the set up for the finale season. The final three episodes of the season gave a deeper glimpse into Athan’s beginnings and the events that initially made him decide to follow through with his dark destiny. Cassie and Cole spend much of the time trying to break through to their son and on the run from their former compatriots.

Meanwhile, Jones is so desperate that she’s willing to listen to Olivia. This, of course, is what the other woman has been plotting all along. Everything slowly comes together for the reveal that the Witness they’ve all feared is not Athan, but Olivia. Jennifer is still all kinds of #TeamCassieandCole. She does her best to keep Jones just one step behind the lovers. This works until Olivia points out the obvious. Thankfully, once it is revealed that Olivia was plotting against them all along, the team manage to come together again.

Listen in as Brad and Cort break down the final three episodes of the season (3×08 “Masks”, 3×09 “Thief”, and 3×10 “Witness”). Cort has her theory about Jennifer’s role in everything. Brad can’t wait to see what happens next. What was your favorite Jennifer-ism of the season? Is this the last we’ve seen of Athan? Yea, Brad and Cort don’t think it is either. There’s still plenty of story left to be told. This season was the show at it’s absolute finest, and the binge only helped highlight this fact. We wouldn’t mind if they did the same with season 4 next year. What do you think? Hit play and then be sure to hit the comments below.



The Word of the Witness will return in 2018

Photo by: Dusan Martincek/Syfy


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