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‘Doctor Who’ 10×06 recap: “Extremis”

Doctor Who 10X06 recap, “Extremis,” Aired May 20, 2017

We have our second Moffat episode of the season, and it’s full of the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from the Who showrunner. “Extremis” answers some of the burning questions we’ve had since the start of the season, like why Nardole is tagging along with the Doctor (turns out River told him to keep an eye on her husband) and who is in the vault. Let’s talk highlights!


Missy is back!

Doctor Who 10×06 recap

Turns out Missy was in the vault, which wasn’t much of a surprise – there were a few clues that suggested she was the mysterious figure the Doctor was guarding, like the gleeful response the Doctor received when he told her about people getting eaten by space bugs. Though it wasn’t a huge reveal, we’re so happy to have Michelle Gomez back on our screens. Since this will be her last season of Who, we know she’ll be bringing her A game.

Despite being an antagonist on the show and causing a lot of problems for the Doctor, Missy/the Master matters to the Doctor. Even though he was aware of all the awful things the Master had done, the Doctor never wanted him to die. He begged the Master to join him on the TARDIS, but he refused him, which is why the moment when Missy tells the Doctor, “I am your friend,” is so sweet.

While we now know who’s in the vault, we still don’t know why. Was Missy sentenced for one of the many crimes she committed as the Master, or was this punishment for a more recent crime?


That’s the Pope!

Doctor Who 10×06 recap

Okay, so the Pope popping out of Bill’s room and going on a rant while Penny’s having doubts about being with Bill was one of the funniest moments of the season. While it definitely wasn’t funny for Bill, prominent figures randomly showing up when you’re trying to get with someone is one of the downsides of being a Companion.




So the Doctor is still blind, but he’s been using Nardole and his Sonic Sunglasses to help him get around. When the simulated Doctor manages to temporarily get his sight back, it comes at a cost, and he mentions how it might damage his future regenerations. While that wasn’t the “real” Doctor, he might have to make a similar decision down the line, and it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out. Fans have been speculating that this regeneration will be a torturous one and that this Doctor’s path to regeneration will be slow and painful. Could the Doctor’s offhand comment about his regeneration be hinting at that? We hope not, but it’ll definitely make for some riveting Who.


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