‘Supernatural’ recap 12×22 “Who We Are” and 12×23 “All Along the Watchtower”

Instead of one final episode to round out season 12, we got two—and boy, we have a lot to discuss. Let’s jump right in.

Season 12, Episode 22, “Who We Are”, Aired May 18, 2017

Escape. We open on Mary washing her bloody hands. Surprise: she’s killed more hunters because of her BMOL programming. Ketch texts her a list of who’s next and Jody Mills’s name appears. We cut to the bunker, where Sam, Dean, and Lady Bevell/Toni are trying to figure out how to get out. DAY ONE: the trio try a ritual, but it fails, probably because Ketch used some sort of magical dampner. DAY TWO: Sam and Dean try to “straight Shawshank” it and break through a wall to a pipe, but the wall is too thick. The brothers sit down as the air gets thinner and talk about how this isn’t how they thought the end would pan out. Then Dean gets an idea… it’s finally (FINALLY) time to use the grenade launcher.

supernatural grenade launcher

Good timing. After the three get out, they call their hunter friends, including Garth. When they don’t get a response from Jody, they rush to her house. Thankfully, even though Mary showed up, Jody was able to handle her with Alex’s help. And Toni drops a bombshell: Mary’s programming is permanent—for now, anyway.



Becoming a leader. The crew assembles the remaining hunters at Jody’s house and Sam delivers a rousing speech. He and the hunters agree to take the fight to the BMOL themselves; as Sam says, “We will take down the bad guys, because that’s what we do.” Dean confesses that his leg injury from the grenade blast is too much for him to go with the other hunters. Besides, he wants to fix Mary. The brothers hug and we get an awesome “Bitch-Jerk” moment.



Things get crazy. Toni agrees to help Dean by linking up his mind with Mary’s using electrodes and some other mumbo-jumbo. Dean gets pulled into Mary’s head, where she’s reliving a moment from when Sam was a baby and Dean was a little boy. He tries to get her attention a few times, and then resolves to simply telling Mary “I hate you.” At the same time, Sam and the other hunters roll up to the BMOL headquarters and kick some serious ass. Dean finally gets through to Mary when he lists out all the things that happened because of her bad choices, including all the bad stuff that happened to Sam. He says he hates her, but he understands. And he forgives her.



The end of the BMOL? All of the sudden, Dean’s electrodes are ripped off—Ketch is in the bunker, and he killed Toni. The two fight it out, and just when it looks like Ketch has the upper hand, Mary shoots him! Dean got through to her and she’s back to normal! See ya Ketch, we won’t miss you. At the same time, Sam, Jody, and the hunters corner the lady in charge of the BMOL. She tells them that Lucifer is back and that they need her. Sam says “Pass” and Jody shoots her in the head. And when they leave, the BMOL headquarters blows up. Good riddance.

bye bye bye


The ending we all wanted. Back in the bunker, Mary apologizes to Dean, saying all of what happened to them was her fault. She also says she’s afraid that Sam won’t forgive her. But in true Winchester fashion, he’s right there and the three hug it out. But we’re not done yet.



Season 12, Episode 23, “All Along the Watchtower”, Aired May 18, 2017

An ominous start. As the episode begins, we find out that Castiel is hiding out in a cabin with Kelly as they wait for her baby to be born. In the bunker, the three Winchesters are trying to figure out what to do. They call Rowena, but surprise: Lucifer answers. He brags about the fact that he killed her (#RIPRowena). Then they decide to focus on what they know: when a nephilim is about to be born, strange things occur. Cas gets firsthand experience with this because Kelly’s baby caused a golden rift to appear outside of the cabin. He gets transported somewhere and saved by a masked figure.

so confused new girl


Signs. Back at the bunker, Crowley appears: turns out he was inside the rat after all. He says that he’ll help the Winchesters put Lucifer back, and when they do, he’ll seal the gates to Hell. Sam manages to trace a house in Washington to “James Novak”, and the team heads out. Once there, Cas heals Dean and shows the brothers the rift. He says that it’s a tear in space and time and leads to an alternate Earth.

wait what


An alternate reality. They briefly reference The French Mistake, but Cas explains that this Earth is unlike any other. It’s a world where there’s an eternal war between heaven and hell. The masked person returns… and it’s BOBBY! He doesn’t recognize the boys, though. Why? This is a world where Sam and Dean were never born—it’s a world they never saved. Team Free Will exits the rift and gear up for their showdown with Lucifer.

Bobby balls


The big showdown. As Mary comforts Kelly, Lucifer shows up. Sam, Dean, and Crowley lead him into the alternate world. Crowley and Sam work on a ritual as Dean stalls Lucifer, but Crowley says that the spell requires a life. Crowley faces off with Lucifer and pulls an angel blade out. He says “Bye boys” and stabs himself (#RIPCrowley). Cas comes in as Sam and Dean fall out through the rift.



NO. Kelly glows gold and bursts into light, giving birth to the nephilim. Cas comes back through the rift but GETS STABBED BY LUCIFER (#RIPCas). Mary starts to punch Lucifer, and he pulls her into the rift with him. And it closes, trapping the two of them in the alternate world. Dean looks down at Cas and looks as broken as we feel. Meanwhile, Sam goes back in the house and sees Kelly lying dead on the bed… and finds the child. Its eyes glow gold.



Well that was… eventful. We lost three characters and I’m just sad. What did you guys think about the season 12 finale? Let us know in the comments!

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