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‘The Flash’ recap: season 3 episode 22 “Infantino Street”

The Flash episode “Infantino Street” aired 16 May 2017.

Oh Flash. You baited us so good. This was supposed to be a wild-in-a-good-way episode with Captain Cold and King Shark, and yet it broke our hearts. Well, we should have guessed from the moment the episode opened with the aptly used ‘Murder Song’.

Make the plan

24 hours to Iris’ death, team Flash are working on the bazooka (Cisco, Tracy and HR), collecting their thoughts (Joe and Wally) and lying in bed (Barry and Iris). Iris sends Barry looking for caviar so she can record him a message.

Cisco’s scanners have located a power source for the bazooka – the Dominators’ crystal, held in ARGUS. Lyla refuses to let Barry have it because she doubts his responsibility (remember, his Flashpoint stint changed baby Sarah to John Diggle Jr). So, despite having just been reprimanded for irresponsible time-travelling, Barry goes to 1982 Siberia and plucks a halfway-to-redemption Leonard Snart out of his Legends of Tomorrow jaunt.

Execute the plan: Mission Impossible Improbable X Jaws

A dampener in the ARGUS building dampens metahuman powers. Fortunately, advanced technology and Snart’s thieving skills get Barry and Snart make past building security and the complex lock to the crystal room. Then they meet King Shark. Barry wants to kill it with the cold gun, but Snart convinces him on lowering the temperature of the room to knock the half-cold-blooded beast out.

The cold creates a layer of mist above the floor, keeping King Shark out of sight as Barry and Snart tread towards the crystal. “Reminds me of Jaws,” Snart muses. “Didn’t show the shark because they couldn’t afford to make it look good.” How meta, The Flash is also probably running low on it’s CGI budget at this point. Barry makes it safely to the crystal but upon removing it from its stand sets off the alarm and alerts the sedated shark. The door starts sliding shut.

Snart isn’t fast enough and gets trapped with King Shark. It seems like Barry must choose between getting the crystal and saving Snart. He refuses to leave until Cisco manages to hack the door open remotely. However, Lyla apprehends the duo.

Lyla eventually lets Barry have the crystal after seeing him not abandon Snart. Barry returns Snart to 1982, and they part ways with Captain Cold saying “No strings on me”. Last words indeed.

Expect the plan to go off the rails

Meanwhile, the Wests seek refuge at Harry’s on Earth 2. Barry told him prior to their departure not to reveal this location to him, thus keeping it from Savitar. Over there, Iris and Joe share a sweet moment and a hug. Iris gives Joe her engagement ring to return to Barry in case anything happens.

Barry returns to Star Labs with the crystal, but the fact that he doesn’t show it to everyone is the first sign of trouble. Then, he asks where Iris is, which is the second flag, because he insisted on not knowing her location. Too late, the ever-exciteable HR runs his mouth. SavitarBarry reveals himself as an imposter before speeding off, just as 2017 Barry arrives.

Savitar’s suit breaks Wally’s legs as SavitarBarry threatens Harry and Joe. Joe tries to plead with his surrogate son, but SavitarBarry seems too far gone. Iris gives herself up so no one gets hurt.

Throw away the plan (and the bazooka)

On E-1, HR is beating himself up. Cisco insists it was an honest mistake. He tells HR he is essentially a dependable cheerleader and friend even if he can’t contribute intellectually.

Team Flash (minus the Wests) have their own plan as to what they will do as Barry confronts Savitar (the details are also not divested to Barry). Just as Cisco heads out, he vibes Killer Frost looking for him in the forest. Barry lets him bail since this might be their chance to bring Caitlin back. When Cisco finds her, Killer Frost reveals she has to kill him to kill Caitlin for good, and the two start fighting. Killer Frost quickly gains the upper hand.

Barry, Joe and Tracy position themselves around the titular Infantino St. Savitar appears at the top of the steps with Iris. Barry fires the bazooka. However, it is ineffective as Savitar uses the Philosopher’s Stone to cancel out its effects. This leaves Barry desperately running towards Iris as foretold. Between the slo-mos of Barry running and Savitar stabbing Iris, ‘Murder Song’ eerily returns as we see Iris’ video message: she recorded her vows to Barry.

Don’t throw yourself away

I’m glad the Invasion plot was not a one-off for the crossover, and has comes full circle to tie back into The Flash – the first show in the crossover (Supergirl‘s epiode that week doesn’t really count).

Snart’s four rules were a recurring theme this week as team Flash’s various plans kept getting foiled. How will they pick themselves up in the season finale?

This episode also harped on Barry’s goodness. Near the beginning, Iris tells Barry not to lose himself trying to save her. Throughout the hour, he had moment of OOC ruthlessness. However, ultimately he was given the crystal for showing good faith. Captain Cold also reminds Barry that his goodness is his strength. Hopefully the show remembers this before season 4 drowns in angst and sorrow.


  • I didn’t notice until I started writing this recap, but Julian is absent this week. Letting his father hear about how Caitlin rejected him?
  • Snart to Barry and Iris: “Just don’t sit me at the singles table during the wedding reception.”
  • Joe: “Guns are cool. But just for protection.” Don’t play with guns, kids.
  • Snart to Barry: “If Cisco saves my life tell him I’ll…put in a good word with my sister.”
  • HR did not go to Infantino St. However, as everyone headed there, he notices the shard of Savitar’s suit that has been kept in Star Labs. What is he thinking?

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