Here’s which ‘Supernatural’ character you are based on your zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign can say a lot more about you than you think. So what does it say about what Supernatural character you are? Check out our list and find out!


Aries – Charlie Bradbury

charlie bradbury

Aries are energetic, enthusiastic, and incredibly motivated. This describes Supernatural‘s resident geek, the brilliant Charlie Bradbury. Charlie also had a taste for adventure, much like Aries tend to have. She was full of energy and grew to be quite a badass.


Taurus – Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester is a true Taurus. He’s dependable, stubborn, and makes a great friend. He’s always had a strong desire to protect the ones he loves, including his friends and family. Tauruses are stable, and so is Sam; Crowley doesn’t call him Moose for no reason.


Gemini – Rowena


Gemini are multifaceted, cunning, and resourceful. Rowena knows how to get what she wants, and she doesn’t stop at anything until she gets it. However, she also knows her limits and when to put others before herself. We love her no matter what side she’s on.


Cancer – Jo Harvelle

Jo Harvelle zodiac

Cancers are adaptable, emotional, and protective. This perfectly describes Jo, who quickly became a fan favorite character. She was fiercely protective of the Winchester brothers and her mom, and was quick to adapt in the face of adversity. We miss her more than words can say.


Leo – Crowley

Crowley zodiac

If there’s any character on Supernatural that’s a Leo, it’s Crowley. He’s strong, goal-oriented, and is a well-known leader. We all love to hate him, and Crowley has been a steady, strong force in the show since his introduction. His charisma and tenacity definitely help his case.


Virgo – Castiel


Our favorite angel is pretty clearly a Virgo. He’s intelligent, wise, and selfless, all of which are classic Virgo traits. Cas is also incredibly perceptive, and knows when his friends are hurt or hurting. He constantly tries to make choices that he thinks will help the Winchesters.


Libra – Balthazar

Balthazar zodiac

Libras are sensitive, intelligent, and charming. Though we haven’t seen that much of Balthazar, it’s obvious that the angel is the epitome of these traits. While he may not be the most willing to help the Winchesters out, he shows just how fearless and creative he can be in preventing the apocalypse.


Scorpio – Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran

Scorpios are intuitive, emotional, and love to seek the truth. If you’re a Scorpio, you’d probably relate to Kevin Tran. An Advanced Placement student-turned-prophet, Kevin was Sam and Dean’s go-to guy for quite some time. He was incredibly smart and used this intelligence to help others.


Sagittarius – Gabriel

Gabriel zodiac

Gabriel is definitely a memorable character, and we think he’d be a Sagittarius. Both are known for being enthusiastic, adventurous, and idealistic. Gabriel is also hilarious, another common Sagittarius trait. He’s a wild card, but this zodiac sign fits the bill.


Capricorn – Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer

Capricorns are versatile, wise, and are notoriously hard workers. Bobby was just this, especially when he was a father figure to Sam and Dean. Bobby cared for the Winchester brothers so much that he put himself in the line of fire for them even when he knew what they were up against.


Aquarius – Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester

If you’re an Aquarius, you probably identify with Dean. You’re both adventurous, loyal, and innovative. You and Dean likely share a fierce protectiveness of your friends and family, and are willing to do anything to help them succeed. Dean has our heart and our back.


Pisces – Jody Mills

Jody Mills

Pisces are selfless, flexible, and compassionate. Jody Mills has helped Sam and Dean in numerous situations, not to mention the fact that she adopted two teenage girls who lost their families. She is the definition of altruistic but remains the kickass sheriff that we all know and love.


What did you think? Do you think that your Supernatural character matches up with you well? Let us know in the comments!

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