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‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×22 “Missing”

Arrow 5×22, “Missing” aired May 17, 2017.

This episode had everything. Humor, action, heartbreak, and even some Olicity!!

5 Years in Hell

Let’s get the island flashbacks out of the way first – don’t forget, this is our second to last week on Lian Yu!

Our first flashback brings us to Lian Yu, where Oliver is captured by Konstatin Kovar.  Kovar injects a syringe of red liquid directly into Oliver’s heart.. ouch.

In our next flashback, Oliver is clearly being affected by the drug. He begins to experience hallucinations – he flashes back to the multiple injuries he has sustained on the island.

Oliver continues to recollect the most painful moments of his life, and it serves as a nice tribute to the island flashbacks, which we know will be ending soon. Kovar places a gun in the cell with Oliver. Not the smartest move a villain has ever made, but he’s assuming Oliver will use it’s only bullet on himself.

Oliver’s hallucinations take a much more realistic turn as Yao Fei shows up and reminds Oliver of everyone he’s lost. He tells Oliver that those closest to him are fated to suffer, and encourages Oliver to shoot himself.

Oliver’s next hallucination comes in the form of Laurel, who begs him to come home. The Laurel hallucination is much more effective, and convinces Oliver to use the gun to shoot the cell door’s lock, escaping.

The Present

It’s Oliver’s birthday and he’s got a lot to celebrate. Adrian Chase is behind bars, the Green Arrow’s reputation is on the rise, and the public is happy with Mayor Queen. Oliver makes plans with Felicity for his birthday (he’s not sure if it’s a date) and shows up at her apartment. He becomes concerned when it seems to be empty but is then startled by an intruder.. who turns out to be Curtis. It’s a surprise party, complete with a Lord Mesa birthday cake!

Arrow 5x22

Thea, always the matchmaker, creates an excuse for the team to leave Oliver and Felicity alone. They take this opportunity to discuss their “maybe date” and Felicity decides they should take things slow. Looks like Olicity is rising! And Curtis is so here for it – I honestly think he may have an Olicity blog.

Arrow 5x22

“Your worse than a shipper on a soap opera.” -Felicity Smoak to Curtis Holt

Oliver is having trouble accepting that Chase is truly defeated, and his intuition proves to be spot on. Curtis heads to Dinah’s house where he discovers it’s been broken into. He is knocked out and kidnapped! Oliver is positive Chase is behind the capture, but he is still locked up. Oliver realizes that Talia al Ghul is involved when he finds a league dart. He goes to confront Chase who is smug as always.

Worst Birthday Ever

Oliver insists Felicity stay in the bunker with him, rather than go to an Argus safe-house like Lance and Thea. He tells her he is worried about William, proving the accuracy of his intuition once again. The conversation is interrupted when Felicity receives an alert that Black Siren has escaped prison. Black Siren acts quickly, and is already at Lance and Thea’s safe-house in the next scene. Poor Lance doesn’t know about the multiple Earths, and is clearly shaken at seeing his “daughter.” Black Siren cruelly uses this to her advantage by calling him “Daddy.” Then, Evelyn shows up and tranquilizes the two Team Arrow members.

Arrow 5x22

All that is left of Team Arrow is Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle. The Original Team Arrow discusses strategy and Oliver decides Felicity and Diggle must flee the city. It takes some convincing, but they reluctantly agree. Season One Oliver shines through as he visits Chase’s cell, holding a gun to his head.

Thea has the heartbreaking task of explaining the multiverse to Quentin, forcing him to realize his daughter is still dead. Meanwhile, Diggle and Felicity are headed out of town and Felicity has a terrible feeling that leaving Oliver is a mistake. Her intuition rivals Oliver’s in accuracy. She and Digg see Talia al Ghul standing in the street moments later. This leads to a brilliant reference to season two, when the duo ran down Isabel Rochev in the van.

arrow 5x22

Meanwhile, in the bunker, Oliver is being watched. His stalker turns out to be Malcolm Merlyn, who actually ends up helping. Merlyn goes with Oliver to the location where Felicity and Diggle came across Talia, and they discover that the remaining two members of Team Arrow have now been taken as well.

“Human connections are what make us human… you can’t live on an island, you’ve already tried.” -Malcolm Merlyn, the self proclaimed sociopath

Black Siren shows a bit of emotion while talking to Quentin (please let this be the first indication of a coming redemption arc!) You can almost see a bit of her Earth One counterpart in her as she talks to her “father.”

Meanwhile, Chase is being transferred. Just as he leaves his cell Oliver receives a video of William begging for help. Oliver attempts to catch up with Chase but is too late. Malcolm is way ahead of him, prepared to head to the location where Chase’s helicopter waits. After a fight, Oliver and Chase have a one on one confrontation. The emotion in Oliver’s voice as he questions why Chase would take his child is heart breaking, and fantastic acting by Stephen Amell. Chase enters the helicopter and leaves Oliver with the line, “See you on the boat.” Oliver’s facial expression at this point is basically “????”.

“That’s my boy… he is an innocent!” -Oliver Queen

Oliver calls for backup, and it’s Nyssa! The amount of characters in this episode is amazing. Nyssa learns that her sister is involved in the mission – apparently Oliver had not warned her of that ahead of time.

We finally discover Adrian Chase’s master plan – Team Arrow has been brought to Lian Yu. They are clearly being used as bait, and Oliver has to gather all the help he can get. Enter Deathstroke. Oliver asks his ex-friend turned arch enemy Slade Wilson for assistance, and that’s where our episode ends!

Arrow 5x22


  • The (painful) trip down memory lane during Oliver’s flashbacks
  • Olicity on the rise!
  • Lance was super concerned about Rene missing his court date, even while in danger of being kidnapped. I just really love their friendship, okay?
  • The call back to Isabel Rochev was absolutely fantastic.

That’s it for this season’s penultimate episode! Make sure to check back next week for our recap of the finale. And while you’re here, head over and vote for your favorite male character in our Best Arrow Character Poll Series! For more Arrow fun, check out our Arrow page.

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