‘Shadowhunters’: Our 5 favorite Malec moments

It’s no secret that Malec is the fan favorite ship in Shadowhunters. Their story is absolutely beautiful, and come on their chemistry is off the charts! In anticipation of 2B and many more Malec scenes to come, we decided to name our 5 favorite Malec scenes of all time.

#1. Their epic first kiss

Let’s be real, nothing could ever beat the time Alec left the altar at his own wedding to publicly declare his feelings for Malec. The scene was perfect, the music was perfect, and that kiss was BEYOND perfect. But next time these two kiss at a wedding can it please be their own???

#2.”I love you”

I’m pretty sure this was the scene that had Shadowhunters fans around the globe screaming at their television. Alec has always been a fairly closed off person, even when it comes to Magnus. It took almost losing him to finally have the courage to confess his true feelings and now that he finally has there’s no going back. Alec and Magnus are completely 100% in love and I can’t wait to see them take this next step in their relationship.

#3. True love to the rescue

I still can’t believe that Magnus attempted true love’s kiss to bring Alec back. His love for Alec was so strong that it made even Magnus Bane believe in the impossible. It may not have worked completely, but Alec admitted that he played a part in brining him back. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is.

#4. “Take what you need”

This was the moment I officially started shipping Malec. I already knew going in that I was going to love them, but for some reason this scene made me realize how invested I was going to be. Sharing their strength felt almost like a metaphor for their relationship, as they’re always there for each other when they need someone to lean on.

#5. First date

It was so nice to just let Alec and Magnus take a breather. The angst is great and all, but if there’s one thing I want from my ships is to let them do normal things just for a little while. Every shippers deserves a scene where their OTP finally gets to be in a real relationship and we finally got that from Alec and Magnus. They sat, they ate, they drank, and they finally had a conversation about their feelings. This scene was everything I needed and more.

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