‘Famous in Love’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Prelude to a Diss”

Famous in Love recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Prelude to a Diss”, Aired May 9, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s finally time for Paige to start filming Locked, and to celebrate her first day on set she’s received her first swag bag. It’s a gold bracelet complete with three diamonds. Cassie tells her that it is the bracelet that Beyonce gave to Solange the night of the elevator incident. Paige gives the bracelet to Cassie, because if it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t have gone to the movie audition in the first place. Jake is still MIA, but Cassie tells Paige that he’s in the desert working on his script, she knows this because they’ve been texting.

Paige isn’t the only one getting ready to go to set; Jordan has stopped by to pick up Rainer and give him a ride to set. They have a tradition that Jordan always picks Rainer up the first day of a new project. Jordan gives Rainer a hard time about wanting to be early so he can flirt with Paige, but Rainer shoots him down and tells Jordan that he really likes Paige. Rainer also tells Jordan if he wants to move back to the beach house he’d love the company. It looks like these two are finally getting things back on track with their friendship.

Famous in Love Recap
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First days are hard; even on a movie set:

  • Cassie says she can’t come to set, because she has to work. Yeah, we all know what kind of work she’s doing.
  • Paige meets her set P.A. Adam. He’s super cool and very easy on the eyes.
  • Jordan tells Rainer he’s not sure if they should live together again just yet, but he’ll think about it.
  • Paige has trouble keeping up with Adam and everything he’s throwing at her.

Is Paige a fangirl or an actress?

Paige freaks out when she sees August’s blue table and red teapot and then again when she sees her chair with her name on it. Okay, I admit it, I’d freak out too. Wyatt makes the mistake of telling Paige that she’s the star of a two hundred million dollar film and they have a lot riding on her, which makes her begin to freak out all over again. Paige calls Cassie, who’s getting ready to do a little topless cleaning, and Cassie calms her down by telling her how badass she is. That seems to calm her down for the time being, but looks can be deceiving.

Jordan goes to see Tangey to let her down easy, but she’s not having it. Tangey is hurt, but Jordan tells her that his friendship with Rainer is finally back on track and that’s what he’s focused on. Tangey tells Jordan like always Rainer comes first, and that is not fair to them. Then Tangey’s mom walks in, interrupts their conversation, and forces her to get back to work. She then tells Jordan he needs to leave in not so many nice terms.

Famous in Love Recap
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This movie is a drama, after all:

  • Who knew it costs so much to make a movie?
  • Cassie really needs to come clean about her topless cleaning before someone finds out.
  • Tangey’s mom is a total stage mom, maybe worse!

First-day gifts and jitters.

Rainer surprises Paige in make-up and gives her a necklace with her initial on it. He tells her that he wants her to wear it on their first date, and that it’s his way of asking her out. Paige tells Rainer that she can’t accept the necklace and, luckily, before it gets more awkward, Adam comes in and tells Paige they need her on set. Paige arrives on set and she’s told that Alexis is out sick and they’re doing a different scene. This is not something Paige prepared for at all. She only learned her lines for the scene with Alexis, and the crew asked her if she checked the day’s call sheet. Paige didn’t know that she should check for a new call sheet when she got to set, she didn’t even know what a call sheet was.

Jordan and Paige start the scene and she messes up her lines twice, and finally she asks Wyatt if she can have a few minutes, which does not earn her any points. Paige calls Cassie, who’s topless in a stranger’s living room, to tell her what happened and also to tell her about Rainer. Cassie is appalled that Paige turned Rainer down. Then Paige tells her about the necklace, apparently, this is something that Rainer gives to all the girls.

Famous in Love Recap
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What about your friends?

  • Rainer wants to be friends with Tangey as well as Jordan.
  • Cassie’s new client wants more than just cleaning. Props to her for locking his naked self outside.
  • Rainer is a high profile celebrity, did he not consider Paige knows about the necklace?

Paige needs to give the performance of a lifetime.

So far on the first day, Paige has forgotten her lines, told the director that Alexis was in Palm Springs with Jake (Wyatt has a thing for Alexis), and wasn’t able to act with a broom. She’s on the verge of getting fired, because now the movie is $25,000 over budget because of one day of her screw ups. When Paige gets home she gets a call from Nina reiterating what Wyatt told Paige on set about day two; either she delivers the performance of a lifetime or she’s gone.

On day two, Rainer tells Jordan that if he wants to date Tangey that he’s fine with it, which really surprises Jordan. He wasn’t expecting Rainer to be okay with him dating his ex-girlfriend. Cassie is also able to make it to see Paige on set. Adam and Cassie meet and have meaningful glances while he walks her to Paige’s trailer — these two may be starting something with all of their flirting. The college sends Cassie an urgent email about her tuition so she makes up an excuse and leaves, even though she told Paige that she would stay the full day. Tangey is performing on Conan tonight and once again her mom is being overbearing about the performance.

Famous in Love Recap
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Apologies work…sometimes:

  • Rainer apologizes to Paige about asking her out.
  • Paige tells Rainer that she doesn’t want to date him until the movie wraps.
  • Cassie pawns the bracelet from Paige to pay her tuition.
  • Tangey defied her mother and went out and sang a country song on Conan.

Final Thoughts: Change is Good

Tangey finally takes control of her life by singing what she wants and firing her mother. Firing your own mom is harsh, but having a momager isn’t a good thing. When Jordan watches the performance and realizes that the song is about the two of them. He starts to text her but hears someone coming in, realizing it could be Nina, he never sends the message. Paige absolutely nails her scene with Rainer, they have to yell cut twice before Paige and Rainer stop kissing.

Paige swears to Cassie that she was just acting and nothing more was happening. Then, Paige notices that Cassie isn’t wearing the bracelet that she gave her. Cassie tells Paige the bracelet is being sized so that she doesn’t know that she pawned it. Rainer asked Paige if she felt what he felt, the chemistry, and she says, “you mean acting?” (ouch!) Paige tells Rainer that she did a really moving scene — Paige is really playing hard to get, but a guy like Rainer is only going to chase her for so long.

Famous in Love Recap
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5 Questions that have to be answered:

  1. Is Cassie going to tell Paige what really happened to the bracelet?
  2. What is Jake really doing in the desert? We’ve decided we wanna know.
  3. Now that they have his blessing, will Tangey and Jordan get together?
  4. Can Marlene King really make this movie?
  5. Did the guy Cassie locked outside ever get back in his house?

‘Famous in Love‘ airs Tuesday’s on the FreeForm network at 9pm|8pm CST, or stream the entire 1st season now on the FreeForm App or on Hulu.

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