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’12 Monkeys’ Interview: Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford preview a very bingeworthy upcoming season 3

This week, I had the ultimate pleasure to join a conference call with 12 Monkeys leads, Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull. If you’ve never seen or listened to them do an interview together, they are hilarious. There’s also an essence of comradery and the amazing chemistry that shines through when we watch them together as Cassie and Cole. They spoke at length about season three which premieres this coming Friday, May 19th. This season will run like no other as a three-night binge. I won’t include anything that might be considered spoilery to the plot (so much better to experience those many twists while watching live). So read on and then be sure to check back for the “Brad and Cort Talk” podcast coverage of this season. We’ll break it down into three recordings and basically cover each night. Now on to the goodies gleaned during the interview.

Season 2 of 12 Monkeys left us with the very jaw dropping surprise that the ever-elusive Witness had a closer connection to Cassie and Cole than any of us could know. The Witness was their unborn child. A child conceived to two time-travelers who were lost in time in their own happy bubble until Cole himself had to burst that bubble. At the end of the season, Cole lost not just Cassie, but also Jennifer and Ramse. When this season starts, Cole is a man driven, but not simply by the mission that we first saw him on. When the show first began, neither actor had any idea where things could go, but according to Amanda Schull, “Terry [Matalas] has known from go how he wants to end the show, and he’s dropped hints all over the place.” Amanda figured out that Cassie was going to get pregnant by mid-season 2. Aaron said that he learned about the twist with the Witness being their child around the same time.

At the start of the coming season, Aaron revealed that Cole has lost everything and he’s in a desperate place. Cassie made the discovery last season that she was the mother of the Witness, but Cole doesn’t know yet. Things get crazier for Cole when he finds out the truth. Both Cassie and Cole go through quite a lot and they don’t always see eye to eye as they’re coming to the situation from two very different perspectives and experiences. When last we saw Cassie, she’d been taken by followers of the Witness and was being held in Titan. Cassie has her own desperate moments when this season begins. She’s surrounded by people who reveres the child she carries, but what happens to her after. Anything more than that would verge into spoilers for this very twisty and amazing season, so I’ll leave it there and tell you to watch this coming weekend. At least you won’t have long to wait for answers.

Aaron and Amanda also shared their thoughts on the format for airing this season. Aaron thought the idea to drop the episodes over three nights was genius. As we’ve experienced so many times in the past two seasons, you’ve got these mini-cliffhangers that usually leaves viewers waiting and wondering until they can watch the following week’s episode. Now, the viewers have a choice in how they watch. Aaron himself prefers the ability to bingewatch, “It’s the future and proven that it’s how people like to watch.”  Aaron also advised that the binge format allows viewers to follow along with some of the timey-wimey and ploty twists more easily. This is definitely true especially with how the show has always jumped back and forth throughout time. The little time map on Syfy’s website was always helpful for that reason. Amanda had some advice for bingers. Don’t try to consume it all at once. Give yourself a few breaks in between. Both actors do find it exciting to get the show out there in the world all at once, and to share it with people who really care about the story.

As the show jumps back and forth all over the timeline, when asked about their favorite decade they’ve played so far, Aaron revealed that they were actually shooting his favorite decade for Season 4. So mum’s the word on that for now. We’ve seen the promos and photos of the characters in Victorian England. Amanda liked the fact that her character had a chance to get cleaned up and she loved the costumes designed for Cole and Cassie. She thought it was “fun and elegant.” There were also a few 80s looks that Amanda completely fell in love with. Aaron added that Amanda seemed to fit in every single time period they’ve played.

Cole and Cassie face quite a few challenges when 12 Monkeys returns on May 19th. Some well-earned advice from their counterparts?

Amanda S: Tell Cole to start making plans.

Aaron S: He’s spontaneous.

Amanda S: Leads to death and destruction every time.

Aaron S: All of Cassie’s best-laid plans lie in ruin.


Aaron S: Come down off the cross, [Cole]. Give yourself a break.

Amanda S: I wish she had a second to sit and breathe. Take a nap under a tree.

What advice would you have for Cassie and Cole? What do you hope to see this coming season? How do you plan to watch? Three-night binge party? Don’t forget to check back here each night after the episodes air as we break down the best Jenniferisms and timey-wimey twists for “Brad and Cort Talk” podcast. Be sure to stop by our facebook group for episode discussion and/or follow me on Twitter if you’ll be live-tweeting the episodes.


12 Monkeys Season 3 will air May 19th-21st at 8-11 pm EST

Photo Credit: Syfy/12 Monkeys


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