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Here’s which ‘The Walking Dead’ character you are based on your zodiac sign

The star sign you were born over is always an interesting look at the possible personality traits you possess. Try taking a look to see which The Walking Dead personality you best match!

Aries: Daryl

March 21-April 19

daryl dixon gif

As an Aries, you’re adventurous and dynamic like Daryl Dixon. You’re known to be quick-witted and confident in what you do. Your courage is also a reason why you stand out, like Daryl does. You can also be a bit of a daredevil and quick-tempered.

Taurus: Maggie

April 20-May 20

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Like Maggie, you are patient and reliable. Maggie is one of the most persistent characters on TWD, showing perseverance through everything she has had happen to her loved ones. Her maternal instincts match this as well. So get out there, guns-a-blazing!

Gemini: Rosita

May 21-June 20

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Rosita has shown her adaptability as a member of Rick’s group and is very communicative and witty. Just like you, Gemini, she is youthful, lively, and versatile. On the other hand, she can be a bit inconsistent and tense due to the adaptations.

Cancer: Carol

June 21-July 22

carol walking dead gif

Like Carol,  you have an intuitive mind and are very loving. Carol is protective of the group, but can also be a bit cautious at times. Another big Cancer trait is that they are changeable, as we’ve seen with Carol, and often times unable to let go of things (like Carol’s guilt).

Leo: Rick

July 23-August 22

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Leos are often leaders, just like Rick Grimes. Like Rick, you are faithful to your group and can be creative and enthusiastic about things. You might find that you are also sometimes known for being a little bossy or dogmatic.

Virgo: Sasha

August 23-September 22

sasha walking dead gif

If you’re a Virgo, like Sasha, you might be a bit more on the modest side. You’re reliable, practical, and intelligent. Your analytical skills are something that set you apart. Just don’t let your reserved and meticulous nature lead to critical or perfectionist behavior that might put the group at risk.

Libra: Glenn

September 23-October 22

glenn walking dead gif

Libras are sociable and diplomatic, just like Glenn. He’s a charming character, and one of the biggest romantic arcs with regards to Maggie. Libras are known for balancing the scales of justice, and doing the right thing has always been a trait that Glenn is known for.

Scorpio: Michonne

October 23-November 21

michonne gif

Like Michonne, if you’re a Scorpio you might be known for your powerful and passionate nature. Michonne would do anything for the group. She’s exciting, magnetic, forceful, and determined. Like you, Scorpio, she can sometimes seem a bit secretive about her past, but we’re always learning more and more!

Sagittarius: Abraham

November 22-December 21

mother dick gif

This sign is known for being optimistic and freedom-loving. Nothing says that like Abraham with his carefree, explicit-joking nature. Sometimes Sagittariuses can come off as a bit restless or tactless, but they’re always honest in nature.

Capricorn: Morgan

December 22-January 19

morgan walking dead gif
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You’re practical and disciplined, just like Morgan! Patience and a reserved nature are something that you might find in common. Unfortunately, this can lead to pessimism in some cases for Morgan, but in others, it just makes you more realistic about what to do in the zombie apocalypse.

Aquarius: Carl

January 20 to February 18

carl eye gif

Carl is an honest, friendly, and loyal member of the group which makes him an Aquarius. He’s his own original thing and can sometimes be independent, but his history with such a strong group can sometimes keep him detached from the other kids he runs into.

Pisces: Beth

February 19 to March 20

beth greene gif

A Pisces is known to be imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, and kind which may be just like you! Nobody showed this better than Beth during her arc with Daryl. She was selfless and idealistic about what the world could be even though she was in the zombie apocalypse.

What do you think? Did your The Walking Dead zodiac match?

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