‘Supernatural’ recap 12×21 “There’s Something About Mary”

Season 12, Episode 21, “There’s Something About Mary”, Aired May 11, 2017

Oh boy. Here we are again, and things really aren’t looking up for anyone at this point. HUGE, upsetting plot points ahead. Let’s dive right into the craziness that was this week’s episode of Supernatural.


I’m already upset. The cold open of this episode is the death of fan-favorite character Eileen, who was introduced last season. She was a deaf, kickass woman that we will miss dearly. She gets unceremoniously hunted down by hellhounds controlled by Ketch. Sam and Dean are searching for Mary in a motel room when Sam gets the call about Eileen. The boys later examine her body and determine that it is, in fact, a hellhound that got her. That makes 7 hunters dead in 3 weeks. So Eileen is just another statistic.

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The BMOL just get worse. We first see Mary in this episode lounging at a hunter friend’s house. His name is Rick. But don’t get too attached to him: Mary kills him. Yup. We then see Mary waking up in a room, and Lady (Toni) Bevel (read: the evil BMOL woman that tortured Sam) walks in. She reveals that Mary is being brainwashed by the BMOL to kill the other American hunters. Then we find out that the head of the BMOL is working with Crowley and that the hellhound was his. Fantastic.

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Tensions are high. Lucifer is really trying to get out of Crowley’s control, but the demon helping him says that Crowley’s “security device” is still in place. Crowley tries to get Lucifer to tell him where the nephilim is but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam open a letter from Eileen that was sent four days before. In the letter, Eileen says she thinks that the BMOL hacked her devices, tapped her phone, and are following her. She left Ireland because she feared for her safety. We don’t even get to hear her last words.

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Things get confusing. We find out that Crowley’s ability to control Lucifer somehow switched directions (don’t ask me how, I don’t know) and now Lucifer could possibly control Crowley. And then there’s Mary: she asks for Ketch to come visit her. Surprisingly, he does. She pleads to him for help but he is just as horrible as he’s always been. Then Mary does the unthinkable: she begs for him to kill her. He assures her that it’ll all be over soon, and leaves her on the floor sobbing.



Here we go. After finding a BMOL-planted microphone in the bunker, Sam and Dean lead the organization to believe that they’re meeting a fellow hunter at a warehouse. But the joke is on them, and the Winchesters capture Lady Bevel. While in the Impala, she drops several bombs. These include: Mary is being brainwashed, Mary and Ketch had sex, and Mick Davies is dead. At the same time, Lucifer discovers that he can, in fact, control Crowley and literally starts throwing him around. Lucifer also stabs him but we are led to believe that Crowley survived by pouring his essence into a rat.

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I’m very concerned. Sam and Dean take Lady Bevel inside the bunker only to find that Ketch is there too. There’s a big ‘ol gun shootout before Ketch brings Mary out. And she is indeed brainwashed: she aims her gun at her own sons. Ketch forces Lady Bevel to stay with the brothers and tells them that the BMOL has changed all the locks and cut off the oxygen in the bunker. So what was once a safe space and a home will now kill them in two days. He leaves with Mary after Dean’s pleads to her fall flat. In Ketch’s car, Mary says she feels “fine.” And the episode ends with Lucifer on some sort of hilltop.

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Safe to say this was quite the emotional rollercoaster of an episode.

What did you think of it? What did you think of Eileen’s death and Mary’s situation? Let us know in the comments!

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