‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B discussion: Is Aria turning to the dark side?

Pretty Little Liars season 7B: Episode 14, “Power Play,” Aired May 9, 2017

Pretty Little Liars fandom, it’s time to discuss some major Aria theories.

After what went down in the latest episode of PLL, there are some crazy thoughts and possible theories about Aria that are running through my brain and need to be addressed. It seems as if Aria may be moving to the dark side with A.D. after seeing her abandon Alison in order to save herself from playing the game. Or, could Aria already be in the dark side? Who really knows since things change so much in each episode of the show. Anyways, lets get discussing!

Is Aria moving to the dark side?

Since 7B began, we have seen each of the Liars take their turn to be played by A.D., through this crazy AF board game that he/she sent them. However, Aria was a little too desperate to not have to play the game, since it seems that she might possibly be joining A.D.’s team. This was due to A.D. threatening that he/she would tell Ezra what was in her file, which would make him leave her for Nicole.

Oh yeah, do you remember that? Aria’s “missing” file that Jessica DiLaurentis kept? I always thought it was a little too suspicious that Aria’s was the only one not there. Now, what is so important in that file that would make Aria go to such lengths to stop Ezra from finding out? What if Aria was actually the one who killed Jessica (over what she knew about her)? And, another thing, why is A.D. calling and Facetiming only Aria when they just text the other girls? Doesn’t that seem suspicious much? GAWD, this is all getting too much.

Aria decided to leave Ally (when she needed her most) to go meet A.D. so that she could stop playing the game. However, turns out it was Syndey in the limo (wearing a black hoody). Say WHAT? Right, so now we know Syndey is on A.D.’s team. Also, why was Aria not scared looking, like, at all? Aria didn’t ever seem scared for her safety. Which, you would expect her to be if she was possibly meeting with A.D., who wants to KILL her. Weird, right? Another interesting thing about this meet was that Sydney tries to convince Aria to not be on the loosing team, like she choose – aka, join A.D.’s team. Things then went in Aria’s favor, as the next person to be choose to play A.D.’s game was not Aria, it was Hanna. Of course, Hanna goes crazy as her life is ruined already and then there is Aria getting away with not playing. Little do they know that Aria made a possible deal with A.D. – sh*t will go down in Rosewood if any of them find out! Aria then gets a text from A.D. if she has made up her mind yet. Uh-oh, what on earth will Aria choose to do?

Or, has Aria already moved to the dark side?

My next line of thought was, what if Aria has already joined A.D.’s team? Or, better yet, what if she is A.D.? I’ve always had my suspicions about Aria from the beginning, and quite frankly, if it was to be one of the girls, I’d have to choose Aria. After all, it did all began after she came back from Iceland. Or, was she ever really there? (We legit have to question EVERYTHING on this show!)

What if A.D. stands for Aria Drake? It would be a great (but sad) thought if Aria was actually in on it from the start. But, I think that would be a strong choice for the show, as what would be the biggest reveal they could ever do other than making ultimate A one of the main characters!

Here are some other crAzy things that happened in PLL 7×14:

  • Alison is actually pregnant with Emily’s fertilized eggs that she donated (and then stolen by A.D.)
  • Paster Ted knows Mary Drake (a little more than we thought), and it’s revealed he is actually Charles/Charlotte’s dad
  • Lucas knew Charles/Charlotte from a young age

Do you think Aria will betray her friends? Make sure to share your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below and give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa.

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