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‘The 100’ 4×11 recap: “The Other Side”

The 100 Season 4, Episode 11 recap: “The Other Side,” Aired May 10, 2017

Wow, that was sad AF. Let’s take a look at The 100 4×11 that had us all in tears.

War in the bunker. Bellamy is able to radio Octavia who is still above ground. She won the conclave and told the clans that 100 people from each clan can go to the bunker. They don’t know that Clarke and the Sky peeps have taken the bunker for themselves. Bellamy pleads with Jaha and Clarke to open the door but they refuse and the Guard takes him down and locks him up. They need to keep Bellamy locked up and safe but who can they put in charge of him? Enter Murphy.

Becca versus Sinclair. Raven’s brain is too far gone now. She is having full on conversations with Becca as she prepares her space suit for her last float. She is working through the logistics when she suffers another seizure. As she is passing out, she sees Sinclair! When Raven comes to, Sinclair has tied up Becca. He doesn’t want to see Raven give up and it’s an incredible and emotional moment that we didn’t know we needed. Raven and Sinclair come up with a plan to stop her heart to restart her system. It’s super risky but Raven’s plan works and she is alive!

Worst. Rave. Ever. Back in Arcadia, Monty is desperately trying to convince Jasper and Harper to go to the bunker with him. The radiation levels are at deadly levels but that’s not the only problem. Riley has overdosed on Jasper’s drug tea and died. Monty tries to save him but Jasper pushes him away. The Ravers want to die on their own terms and for them, death by drug is more peaceful than death by Praimfaya. Monty refuses to give up on Jasper and Harper. Harper tells Monty that she doesn’t love him so that he will leave her behind and he will be safe.

Lockdown. On Bellamy duty, Murphy goes in to talk to him. He tries to get him to calm down but it’s no use. Bellamy is enraged and bleeding from where he tried to loosen his restraints. Abby goes to treat his wounds and he convinces her to help him escape. He puts Murphy in a sleeper hold and runs. To get to the door switch, Abby distracts Jaha and then stabs him a little so that Bellamy can open the hatch. Just a little stabbing. He should be fine, right?

Not the drop ship. Clarke has a little snuggle time with her main lady, Nylah and explains why she made the tough decision to close the door before heading out to relive Murphy on guard duty. She sees a downed Murhpy and confronts Bellamy who is working to open the door. Clarke threatens him with a gun and tells him that she will do what she has to do to save everyone. He tells her that if she wants to stop him, he will have to kill her. Clarke has killed to save her people before and even though the stakes are higher, she can’t hurt Bellamy. She drops her gun in tears and Bellamy opens the door to save his sister. And the Blake sibling reunion is everything!

Topside. Echo overhears Octavia and Indra talking about what Clarke did. Before Echo can stir up drama with the clans, Octavia shuts her down. What Echo didn’t know was the Octavia was hiding in the room when Roan caught Echo and banished her. Octavia tells her that if she keeps her mouth shut, Octavia will allow Ice Nation in the bunker and maybe her too. But when Bellamy gets up top, Octavia tells Echo that she is not welcome in the bunker.

YIKES. image: Giphy

Jasper and Monty. Monty finds his BFF gazing up at the red moon. Jasper is super out of it and Monty notices the empty cup on the ground. Jasper has chugged some of the tea and is dying, like now. It’s such a tough and rip your heart out moment. Monty is pleading with his best friend to let him help him but Jasper has made his choice. Monty screams that he will never forgive him but Jasper begs Monty to tell him that he loves him so Monty doesn’t have any regrets. Despite Monty’s efforts to make him throw up the tea, Jasper dies and Monty whispers that he loves him. With his best friend gone, Monty is overcome with worry and runs to find Harper. She didn’t drink the tea like the rest of them who are all laying dead on the floor. She tells him she loves him and they embrace. OMG, that was devastating.

Picking another 100. With 100 from each clan in the bunker, the Skaikru needs to send like 300 folks back up to the surface. And now that Octavia has won the conclave, she is sort of the new Commander. You know who she isn’t listening to? Jaha! He is not pleased but Octavia’s new diplomatic approach is good for the future of mankind. But the people already in the bunker are going to be pissed! How can they choose? So stressful.

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 May we meet again!

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