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‘Lucifer’ recap: New Partnerships Flourish in 2×15, “Deceptive Little Parasite”

Lucifer, episode 2×15, “Deceptive Little Parasite” aired on May 8, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I’m still riding high on the fact that we’ve got this bunch of new episodes and weren’t left with Lucifer in the wind. Last week gave us Candy Morningstar and Lucifer’s plan to bring down his mother. He was a little short on details of how he was going to make that happen. Candy served her purpose by helping him figure out just what Charlotte has been up to (using that blade to cut their way into heaven), and putting some distance between Lucifer and Chloe. Or at least (temporarily) putting the kibosh on Lucifer and Chloe’s burgeoning relationship. This week, Lucifer’s marriage has been annulled and Deckerstar are back to being partners. Chloe jokes that things won’t really be back to normal until Lucifer starts whining about being bored over their case of the week.

This week’s case takes us back to school. There’s a murderer to be found at Starford Academy. Dan and Chloe got the usual detective route and manage to get some answers from the headmaster played by Geoffrey Owens (ELVIN from The Cosby Show). Lucifer has his own means and motives for going rogue with his own undercover assignment at the school. His partner? None other than young Trixie Espinoza….er make that Morningstar.

She is seriously the most adorable thing ever. Lucifer isn’t so much concerned with tracking down their murder suspect. He’s looking for some guidance to help on how to access the storm of emotions that will allow him to wield Azrael’s blade. Well more so to make the thing go poof and prove once again why he is the “Light Bringer”. The blade will help Lucifer, Charlotte and Amenadiel cut through the veil and ascend back into the heavens. I really wish Lucifer would’ve given Dr. Linda some details. The good doctor wondered if there were really pearly gates and harps. Lucifer shot that down and any illusions she might have about Morgan Freeman being his father. (How cool would that have been, tho?) Charlotte seems desperate to get home. More so than either Lucifer or Amenadiel. She tries to trigger his emotions in several instances. She ambushes him at one point and puts him on his butt while masked of course. She also tries to tempt his senses with some Chloe clones, but Lucifer doesn’t take the bait.

Lucifer makes a bargain with clever Trixie to help him out at the school. The school apparently focuses part of their curriculum on their students’ emotional well-being and helping them explore their feelings. All that Lucifer hears in the exchange is that the school helps children control their emotion and so Lucifer ends up in a circle with Trixie and other kids her age. He’s trying to get some real, hard-hitting tips that will help him access his anger and fire up Azrael’s blade. The school psychologist offers tips on channeling emotion by drawing a picture or writing a poem. The session is a bust for Lucifer, but apparently, little Trixie has been having trouble thanks to Chloe’s recent near death experience. Chloe walks up just as Trixie reveals that she’s been pretending not to be worried and scared about what happened.

Trixie was winning all over the place in this episode. Chloe found out what she’s been hiding and te little girl had a chance to voice these feelings. Lucifer agreed to teach her how to drive his car…when Chloe’s not looking. The teachers were super impressed with Trixie and wanted to have Chloe’s Deceptive Little Parasite (Lucifer’s words and he said it with admiration) attend their school. Next comes yet another awesome team up.

Chloe decides to attend the school event being held in Debbie’s honor. She also tells Maze that it might be a good idea for Trixie to go to the private school, though she worries about her daughter being among such a socially exclusive environment. Maze thinks it might be cool for Trixie to attend the school and hone her wit so that she can slash them with words and Maze herself will deal with teaching the girl how to literally slash them with knives. Oh, Mazie. She is definitely an interesting co-parent. And a badass undercover partner.

Chloe shows up at the school and left me wondering if Mazie should’ve given Chloe a few of those knife slashing lessons. Murderers the detective can handle, but catty, gossiping PTA moms? Not so much. Thankfully, Mrs. Chloe Decker aka Mazikeen shows up as Trixie’s other mom. Chloe and Mazikeen work the crowd, planting information and wait to see if the killer will take the bait about Chloe having evidence locked in her car that will point to the killer.

The plan works out perfectly…until Lucifer shows up. He has no idea what’s going on and lets the murderer into Chloe’s car using the set of keys that he had made behind Chloe’s back (OOPS). Chloe shows up just in time to catch the killer in her car. Unfortunately, the other woman now has access to Chloe’s gun. Great work there, Lucifer. The woman admits that she did kill Debbie, but only to protect her marriage. Apparently, she and everyone else have slept with the gym teacher at some point. In this case, the gym teacher is her son’s father and she didn’t want that getting out. Just when it looks like she’s ready to surrender, overtaken by her emotions, Mazikeen hits like a linebacker. Like Lucifer, Mazikeen has a hard time when it comes to dealing with emotions. Earlier in the episode, we saw Mazikeen pretending to listen to Chloe spill her guts, all the while the demon had her earbuds blaring in her ears.

Mazikeen doesn’t like dealing with emotions, but she is pretty damn perceptive. All that time with Dr. Linda has paid off. Lucifer, of course, likes to do things the hard way. He goes through all of this and finally makes his way back to Dr. Linda who tells him that he’s been going at this the wrong way. He’ll never be able to light the blade until he confronts the emotions he’s been bottling up. His anger at his mother. His heartbreak over Chloe. The only way to deal with the pain is to go through it. And so Lucifer ends up back at his place with his mother and brother on either side of him and he just lets loose.

From where he stands, Amenadial glimpses the naked emotion in his brother’s eyes and realizes what it’s costing Lucifer to light the blade. He tries to offer comfort. Charlotte tells him that he’s not pushing himself enough. The amount of light he’s infused isn’t enough to get them back into heaven. She sounds pretty desperate, but covers until the boys call her on it. Alone on the elevator, we see that Charlotte’s cut hand isn’t healing and she’s bleeding light. Lucifer and Amenadiel may have time, but she doesn’t.

Lucifer Recap Deceptive Little Parasite

Lucifer is angry and his plan has been to open the gates of heaven long enough to lock Mum inside with dear ol’ dad. He doesn’t care if the two fight it out, but Charlotte being hurt or in danger will definitely change things for the devil. What did you think of the new episode? Did that emotional ending hit you right in the gut and how cute were Lucifer and Trixie. We need more with those two and definitely the driving lessons in action. Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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