‘Agents of SHIELD’: recap 4×21 “The Return” (of Fitzsimmons)

Agents of SHIELD recap, Season 4, Episode 21, “The Return”, Aired May 9, 2017

WOW. Buckle up.

The rig. Coulson and May are trapped on the rig with a bunch of the Russians. Unlike us, they aren’t too happy to see an army of Zach McGowan. They chat about how they lived two lives and have all of the memories of both which has to be super trippy. They also realize that Aida wasn’t just studying Inhumans in the Framework when she was Madame Hydra, she was collecting powers. Not good.

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Awkward. Things get a little awkward when Coulson starts avoiding May’s questions about her time as an android. He doesn’t want to tell her that they got pretty cozy and we can’t blame him. Telling her would totally taint the real thing and we NEED the real thing to happen. Once they figure out where they are, May suggests dosing herself with some serum to take on the Russians. She does and they take him out, but that wasn’t the real problem. Another Russian hits them with torpedoes! May gets super mad when Coulson tells her that they already busted open the bottle they were saving.

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Zephyr. One of the many clones of the Russian is attacking the plane carrying Simmons, Daisy, Yo-Yo and some other agents, who are actually super funny. They are able to get the weapons back on line in time to shoot down the attacking plane. Simmon’s first thought once they are safe is Fitz. They head to the oil rig to help him. When Daisy and Simmons question why they didn’t touch down to refuel, the agents show them the news. SHIELD are considered terrorists again.

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This beach. Fitz is so confused and blames Aida for manipulating him. Aida is completely consumed by the sensations of being human but stops to talk to Fitz about the Framework. He correctly points the finger at her but Aida is quick to tell him that Fitz’s choices were all his own. His father may have influenced him, but Aida inserted herself in his life so she isn’t innocent in all of this.

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Yo-No. Yo-Yo is pissed that Mack didn’t want to come back and starts fighting with Daisy about it. The moment Daisy mentions Hope, Yo-Yo understands why he stayed, but it doesn’t change her mind about the Framework. She wants to go in and save him from the Framework but Daisy cautions against it. Inhumans are the enemies there but she doesn’t listen. Yo-Yo is trapped and now they need to go in and save her!

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Rig reunion. May and Coulson are able to get out and everyone is reunited on the top of the rig as it floods. Well, everyone but Mack who is still trapped inside. Yo-Yo won’t leave without Mack but she has no choice. Luckily, Fitz got through to Aida about empathy and they grab Mack and bring him to the Zephyr! Yay for Mack but it’s bad news for Aida and Fitz. Simmons shoots them both with Night Night gun and locks them up in the containment unit. They all head back to the very broken bunker that their robot selves destroyed.

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Ward and Fitz. Fitz is super conflicted about the things he did in the Framework and even realizes how similar Framework Fitz was to real life Ward. It was an observation that we made this season, but it was great to see Fitz realize it too. Maybe that will be the reasoning for Fitz wanting to give Ward another chance in the real world? Please?

“I’m just like Ward.” – Fitz

For her. Down in the containment unit, Fitz and Aida have a real heart to “heart” about why Aida became human. Fitz thinks his future with Simmons is ruined and Aida thinks that means that he wants her. She wants to be with him but through all of the trauma and the uncertainty, Fitz is sure of one thing. There is only room in his heart for one. Simmons. Simmons watches tearfully on a monitor but now she knows where Fitz’s heart is! After all is said and done, Fitz is so crushed by what he has done he can’t even look Simmons in the eye. Excuse us while we go sob in the corner.

“There’s only room in your heart for – ” – Aida

“For her.” – Fitz

Scorned AF. Upon hearing this, Aida flips the f*ck out. Like hard core, boil your rabbit crazy ya’ll! But Aida isn’t just some crazy ex, she is a former robot who has engineered herself with the insane Inhuman powers. She can’t be killed and starts killing everyone she can but they can’t flee because the General shows up to arrest them all. He thinks they are the ones who killed Mace but really it was the Russian who took a hammer to his body to make it look like he was quaked. They are able to escape, thankfully but Aida is pissed. She goes to the Russian to undo her human self (and get even more cray) but the Russian suggests using the Dark Hold to build the Framework in the real world.

Speaking of the Dark Hold, Ghost Rider is back!


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