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‘Teen Wolf’ 6B Sneak Peek: 6 biggest takeaways [VIDEO]

Finally, after months of waiting we have been gifted with some footage from the Teen Wolf season 6B! Before the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Shelly Hennig, Holland Roden and Tyler Posey gave us a peek at what’s in store for the final 10 episodes of the series!

Also did you catch what Tyler Posey and Shelly Hennig said about 6B? He mentioned love triangles and love squares?! What does it mean?!

Check out the 6B Sneak Peek here: 

So what are the biggest takeaways?

#1 Gerard saying “kill them all.” After Kate’s murder, Gerard Argent adopted the new hunting mantra of “Kill them all” and it’s the very same thing we hear echoing in the background at the start of the Teen Wolf 6B Sneak Peek! It could be a big clue that maybe the hunter’s code is officially out the window and the new code is that all werewolves must die, even the good ones like Scott.

#2 Scott’s mental state is fuzzy. Scott is on the move and we see him having flashbacks of running in those woods and being hunted. Is this about the hunters wanting to kill him then or wanting to kill him now? He doesn’t seem to have a clear head in the Sneak Peek but we don’t know why. Could it be that the current events are connected to something in his past? Argents hunting him in the woods would certainly give him (and us) a serious case of deja vu.

#3 “Something that out of control is better off dead.” Is this quote meant to remind us that hunters are there to kill werewolves that get out of line? Or could it be more of a clue about who they are talking about? The original quote was about Jackson. What if the new quote is about someone that we haven’t seen in a while? Like Gerard? (We dive more into this quote below.)

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MTV/Teen Wolf

#4 There is a killer (meaning someone is dead). Scott seems very out of it when Malia snaps him back to reality. She says that they can still catch the killer. If there is a killer and a bullet, then who is the victim?

#5 Argent shot someone (maybe). So we know there was a bullet fired. Scott wants to get the bullet to Argent. Malia thinks Argent may have been the one who fired it and Scott doesn’t disagree. WHO WAS SHOT?!

#6 Hunters. One thing is clear. Hunters are the hot topic in this Sneak Peek. As they discuss the mysterious bullet, Scott hears heartbeats. It’s hunters. In the last few years, hunters have not been a threat. So what’s changed? Is it some new members of the Argent family that we haven’t met? Or maybe the Calavera Family too? Or maybe just Gerard? One thing is clear. Hunters will play a large role in 6B.

So what does it all mean? Let’s break it down a little further. When talking about Jackson in 2×12, Gerard says this same(ish) quote that we hear from Chris in the Sneak Peek.

“If Jackson is a dog, he’s turning rabid and my father wouldn’t let a rabid dog live.” – Chris Argent

“Of course not. Anything that dangerous, that out of control is better of dead.” – Gerard Argent

If you recall, in that episode Jackson was in the body bag and was about to turn into a bigger, stronger Kanima. Scott wanted to save him, but everyone else was against it. To us, the important connection here is the Gerard quote and it’s similarities to what Chris Argent says in the Sneak Peek. What if it doesn’t mean anything about Jackson at all? What if it’s about Gerard? We have no idea what he really is at this point. Don’t forget, he got the bite! Is the rabid dog in 6B Gerard!


Our predictions after the 6B Sneak Peek:

  1. There will be a murder mystery to solve.
  2. We will get to see an ultimate showdown between the Gerard/the hunters and Scott that will require the help of some past characters.
  3. Gerard will be the villain

What did you think of the Sneak Peek? It wasn’t a lot but it was something! Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Teen Wolf  returns on MTV this summer.   



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