‘Supernatural’ recap 12×20 “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes”

Season 12, Episode 2o, “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes”, Aired May 4, 2017

This was a bit of a filler episode at first but WOW did some big stuff go down. Buckle up, everyone.


Return of the witch twins! We may not have any Castiel in this episode, but Max and Alicia Banes show up when their mother, Tasha, doesn’t return from a hunting trip. Alicia calls one of Mary’s phones hoping to get help from her. Instead, Sam picks it up, interrupting a brother-to-brother talk about what could be going on with Cas. Both Max and Dean aren’t convinced that Tasha is in danger, but Sam reminds him of the line that started the whole series: “Their mom is on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a week.” The twist? We saw Tasha Banes die in the first few minutes of this episode after investigating a cellar at a boarding house.



What even is going on? We first see Mary and Ketch in the BMOL bunker, where Ketch is torturing a shifter who’s decided to take Mary’s shape. It gets a bit excessive and Mary isn’t impressed. Meanwhile, the four hunters get together after finding out Tasha was after a borrower witch (a witch who gets power from a demon deal). Dean’s beloved grenade launcher makes another appearance. Will anyone ever get to use that thing?? They show up at the boarding house where Tasha is supposed to be and she’s safe and sound… Suspicious.


Things get creepy. Tasha invites the group up to her room for some wine. As she’s uncorking it, we see her finger bend oddly and her pop it back into place. Also, Dean double-fists glasses of wine and honestly, who could blame him? We cut back to Mary, who accuses Ketch of enjoying the torture, which he doesn’t exactly deny. And he’s still trying to get with her. Ugh. She overhears Ketch talking about a crate and listens to a voicemail that Dean left for her in hopes that she’d call back. Later, we see the old lady who runs the boarding house in the cellar… making huge dolls out of sticks.


Moms are not doing well. Mary calls Dean back and leaves a message to him apologizing for not being there for them. Max has a date, so he leaves his mom and Alicia alone. Dean and Sam pick the lock to the cellar after getting some weird vibes from it. And surprise—Tasha is dead. Not just that, but her heart got ripped out. And all of the people that work at the boarding house are in the same situation. Max stumbles across this and understandably is shocked. Back to Mary: she discovers the crate that Ketch was talking about earlier. Inside the crate is apparently Mick Davies, which makes us hate Ketch even more. And then Mary finds out that the BMOL are spying on her sons, Eileen, and even Garth and Claire.


Ketch is awful and we hate him. Ketch finds Mary and is generally just a snarky ass to her. The two begin to physically fight and all we want is to see her beat him up. Things really escalate when Ketch says some awful stuff about Sam and Dean. Just when it looks like Mary is going to win, Ketch tasers her. We hate him a lot, btw.


Bad things happen. Max and the Winchesters go back to Tasha’s (?) room where it’s revealed that the old lady was trying to get Tasha to take her old deal. She made life-size dolls of people that she was able to control and animated them using their hearts. The dolls had all the memories of the person, which is why no one suspected the fake Tasha. Speaking of that, we see the Tasha doll stab Alicia. Cut back to the witch, who’s trying to convince Max to take her deal. He almost does until Dean shoots her. After this happens, Sam calls Dean and Max back to Alicia, who’s dying. Max asks Sam and Dean to leave so he can burn the bodies of his family alone.


This isn’t good. But he doesn’t… Not quite. He takes the witch’s ring, which transfers the deal automatically. So basically, he sells his soul. And then he takes his sister’s heart and makes a new doll just like her so he’s not alone anymore. Messed up, Max, we were rooting for you. And then we find out that Mary is being held captive by the BMOL after fighting Ketch. The episode ends after revealing the British Men of Letters woman that tortured Sam earlier in the season.


We don’t like where this is going.

What did you think of what happened to the witch twins? And where will the next episode go from here?

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