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‘American Gods’ Exclusive Clip: When Shadow Met Odin’s Hammer

It’s finally the weekend!! Which means we’re that much closer to an all new episode of American Gods. If you just can’t wait for another look at STARZ’s new hit series, check out this exclusive clip from Sunday’s upcoming episode, “The Secret of Spoon.”

If you were intrigued by the colorful characters in the premiere, wait until you meet Peter Stormare‘s Czernobog, the God of Evil. Check out the clip below and then read further for a breakdown of the clip and more on the character.

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How amazing is Peter Stomare as the Slavic God of Evil and Darkness? As we see from the clip above, he’s not very enthused over the idea of being pulled into the brewing war. Poor Shadow looks as though he’s still pretty bruised from his dangerous encounter with Technical Boy.

Things don’t look much better here for Mr. Wednesday’s new bodyguard. Shadow and Czernobog are ruminating over a game of chess when the God proposes a wager that makes Mr. Wednesday sit up and take notice. If Wednesday looks worried then I’m thinking that Shadow needs to be worried as well. Still there’s not a chance that Shadow will say no, right? The stakes? If Shadow wins, Czernobog will join on Wednesday’s “non-sense”. If Shadow loses, the God will knock Shadow’s brains out with his massive hammer.

American Gods Czernobog

What do you guys think? Stomare is scary as effe here. Would you take that bet or wait and hope for divine intervention? Hit the comments and let me know!

American Gods airs on STARZ on Sundays 9/8c

(Photo Credit: STARZ/American Gods)


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