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5 Ideas for HBO’s 4 possible ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoffs

Rejoice, Game of Thrones fans! EW recently announced that HBO is currently in the works to pitch four different spinoff shows to Game of Thrones. If all ideas are greenlit, HBO is prepared to produce all four. Aside of the birth of Liz’s baby due this summer, this is the best news we’ve heard this year.

“The pay TV network is determined to find a way to continue the most popular series in the company’s history and has taken the highly unusual step of developing four different ideas from different writers. The move represents a potentially massive expansion of the popular fantasy universe created by author George R.R. Martin. If greenlit, the eventual show or shows would also mark the first time HBO has ever made a follow-up series to one of its hits.” — Entertainment Weekly

While fans have an idea of the storylines that are being pitched to have their own series dedicated to them, we’re going to take a stab at what we believe fans deserve for a spinoff(s) and what fans would actually want to learn more about in the world of Westeros.

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Idea #1: The North, The Wall, The Watch

Much to fans’ surprise (at least, for us), scenes/episodes at The Wall/in The North are some of the best episodes in Game of Thrones (“Battle of the Bastards”, “Hardhome”). We’d love to see a) how The Wall was built, b) how The Watch was formed and how different it may have been from the burden it is today (it’s not really an honor to be sent there), and c) how the war with the Wildlings started. Not to mention, this way we’d get to see more of The White Walkers and how those jokers came to wage war against The Children.

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Idea #2: The Targaryens

This is an obvious choice, but for anyone that has read The World of Ice and Fire by GRRM, then you’re even more excited. The history of how the Targaryens left Valyria, settled at Dragonstone, and ventured to Westeros is incredibly interesting even in this pseudo-encyclopedia, and the family drama alone is enough to fill at least seven whole seasons.

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Idea #3: Valyria and DRAGONS!

Leaving out the factor of budget for all that CGI, old-school Valyria would be badass and something every Game of Thrones fan would want to see. Diehard fans are aware that back in V-town, the Targaryens were pleebs compared to the rest of the dragon-blood folk of the city. How crazy would it be to dive into the politics of the uber-strong and powerful? We have to imagine that immunity to fire is only one of the many powers these people had. There’s way too much mythology to unfold, and we bet GRRM has volumes of Ice and Fire history to feed this idea.

Idea #4: The World of the Old Gods

The Children could be covered in idea #1, but we’d love to see the entirety of the world of The Old Gods and how the people of The North/The First Men interacted and cohabited with them. There were probably people warging all over the place, wizard-like folk, more Red-priestess types, etc. We’re imagining King-Arthur-type stuff, but with more Game of Thrones flair.

Idea #5: The Era of The Mad King (Rhaegar, Young Ned, Tywin, and Lyanna)

Ned Stark died too soon. Like, way too soon. We’re still pissed about it. Ned knew more than anyone, and we want to see what happened leading up to Lyanna’s (love affair?) with Rhaegar, the aftermath, and the secret politics that had to have happened leading up to and after The Mad King was killed. A lot of this will probably be unveiled through flashbacks/warging via Bran in seasons 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones, but there’s plenty there to fill a prequel series.

The first few seasons of this idea could even dive into young Tywin and his time as Hand of the King, how his relationship with The Mad King slowly deteriorated, and the upbringing of this three children. As much as we despised Tywin towards his death, he was a character we loved to watch, and we bet he was actually a solid dude back in the day before he became bitter (and a massive dick.)


What do you think the spinoff show(s) should center on? Comment below, and check out our Game of Thrones Hub for more theories and news!

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