‘Famous in Love’ recap: Episode 1×03, “Not So Easy A”

Famous in Love recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Not So Easy A”, Aired May 2, 2017

Everything is awkward, with everyone.

Paige is busy at home studying when a shirtless Jake (yes we’re drooling too ladies) asks her if she’s supposed to be on set.

Refresher: Ever since Paige and Jake kissed in the first episode, things with them have been a little awkward. Jake told Paige he just wants to be friends, which was a lie, but he feels like it’s best for Paige so she can focus on the movie.

Paige tells Jake that she had a fitting but she rescheduled it so that she could focus on school work for the day. Jake tells Paige that he got a slot to pitch his film thesis to the film board, and Cassie gets up to see what all the commotion is about.

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Breakfast is busy at Paige’s house:

  • Things are still weird between Jake and Paige.
  • Cassie is still getting messages from deep-pockets Brody for topless cleaning.
  • Paige only thought she was rescheduling her fitting. Nina is having none of it!

There are no babysitters in the movie business.

Nina lets Paige know that she needs an agent, manager, and publicist, but she’ll start with an agent. She’s already gone to the trouble to set her up with one that she’ll have lunch with. Paige should not have skipped her fitting apparently.

Paige told her that she rescheduled it, but Nina told her it wasn’t her problem, and she had better get her act together. Note to Paige: Don’t piss off the boss before you even start filming.

Alexis is still having issues committing to Rachel when Rachel catches her reading Jake’s script. Alexis tells Rachel that she’s just not ready to go public, then she kisses her. We think the kissing was to shut her up, but she fell for it nonetheless.

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Money, Money, Money:

  • Alan wants the budget to be cut so Nina asks Rainer to cut his fee.
  • The mystery woman, who we find out is named Brandy, does want money from Jordan. She says it’s to open a nail salon.
  • Paige is thrilled with what she’s being paid for Locked. She had no clue until her new agent tells her about her contract.
  • Jordan doesn’t take a pay cut. Rainer is not happy.
  • Alan wants Tangey’s deal closed, like yesterday.

School? Who has time for school?

Definitely not Paige. Thankfully she has awesome friends to help her out. However, Jake finds his script that Paige’s agent took and said he would read in the trash when they left the restaurant. Paige has a front row parking spot right next to the studio, which doesn’t make Alexis very happy.

When Alexis’ agent calls, she tells Alexis that they’re going to pass on the movie for her because they’re only paying her scale. But Alexis tells her agent she doesn’t care, she’s doing the movie regardless because she needs it for her career.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Jake are busy doing Paige’s schoolwork while she does a camera test with Rainer.

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Just one more stop:

  • Paige is already late to meet her friends, so why not stop to look at the new set with Rainer.
  • Jake is just a little ticked when Paige finally gets home.
  • Jake’s pitch went horribly because he spent all of his time on Paige’s homework instead of his own.
  • Cassie tries to help Jake, but he tells her he’d just be better off changing his major.

Paige is a bad friend. At least she thinks so.

Cassie calls Paige to let her that Jake is going to change his major because of the agent throwing his script in the trash and Alexis blowing him off. Paige tells Cassie what she did, and promises that she’ll fix it.

When Paige begs Alexis to call Jake back about his script, Alexis bargains with her. She asks for her dress that she’s wearing for the photo shoot and then sends her to her car for more comfortable shoes. We think Alexis is going to milk this one for all she can get.

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Nina plays dirty:

  • Nina fired Rachel so she could replace her with Tangey
  • Jordan went to pay Brandy, and Nina followed. Nina gave Brandy a bag with the other $25,000 and a surprise. The surprise was drugs, leading to Brandy’s arrest.
  • Breaking News Bombshell: Brandy is Jordan’s MOM!!!
  • Rachel blamed Alexis for being fired and trashed her apartment in retaliation.

Final Thoughts: Inside Voices

Ever since Paige was cast in this movie, there are a lot of raised voices in her house. Jake feels like she’s changed. She’s keeping secrets, Cassie is keeping secrets, and the three of them are drifting apart. Rainer comes over to bring Paige the red dress that Alexis did not let Paige wear for the photo shoot and tells her to be patient with her friends, she’s lucky to have them. Paige tells Rainer that hopefully he will take his own advice and apply it to his relationship with Jordan.

At least Cassie didn’t have to get topless and clean in this episode, so that’s a win for her!

Jake and Alexis are headed off to the desert together. We’re sure there will be more on their rendezvous next week!

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6 Questions we need to have answered:

  1. Is Alexis just using Jake?
  2. Is Nina really going to work with Paige on her schedule?
  3. Will Jordan and Rainer’s friendship ever recover?
  4. Is Jordan going to be upset with Nina for getting his mom arrested?
  5. Do we really want to know what’s going on in the desert?
  6. Again, what else is Cassie doing with her topless cleaning business?

Famous in Love airs Tuesdays on the FreeForm at 9pm|8pm CST

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