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‘Teen Wolf’ 6B: 5 things we want to see

As much as it breaks our hearts to say it, Teen Wolf is almost over. With only 10 episodes left in the series, let’s take a look at what we want to see happen before those final credits roll. The epic fights, terrifying villains and love stories are a given. These are the fundamental hopes we have for the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf 6B.

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Scott’s Happiness

First and foremost, this show is about Scott. Teen Wolf started with an awkward, asthmatic teenager who was bitten by a werewolf in the woods and has evolved into an epic saga of monsters and morals but at it’s core, it is still a story about the journey of Scott McCall. We have seen him fight, win, lose, die, love, cry and lead. With all of his ups and downs over the series, we just want to see Scott happy. We may never be thrilled that our favorite show is coming to an end, but knowing that our hero finally found happiness would make it a little more manageable.



We have seen these two grow closer and closer and now they are finally a couple and we want to see that! Stiles has always had a thing for Lydia but it took the loss of Stiles to open Lydia’s eyes to something the viewers already suspected. She loves him too! After a romantic reunion and swoon-worthy kiss, Stydia went from wishful thinking to a legit couple. We want to see them doing couple things. And we want to see Lydia embracing her vulnerable side with him which is something we haven’t really seen from her.


Derek Hale

For real. Give us some Derek. Or at the very least, tell us where he has been! In the early seasons, Derek was such a huge part of the story and we need some closure on that. He had such a great bond with Scott and Stiles and we can’t imagine the show ending without a proper Derek goodbye. And really, we just want to know how he’s doing! Is he still a sour wolf or did he trade his leather coat and brooding stare for Hawaiian shirts and a sunny outlook on life? We have no idea! That’s why we need him back in 6B!

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Allison’s Grave

Allison Argent was a HUGE part of Teen Wolf. Even after her and Scott broke up, she was a constant in his life so when she died, it was a huge blow to the fandom. The show has brought her name back into the mix a few times but we have yet to see them visit her grave. We want to see the final episodes to show Scott at Allison’s grave. Scott was in shock when she was dying in his arms so we never got to see him process her death and truly acknowledge how much he loved her, misses her and wishes she was still there fighting alongside them.


Flash Forward

While a flash forward would certainly step on the toes of a future revival, it would make us so happy. We have spent so many years loving these characters that we want to know that they are okay in the end. We love all the characters on Teen Wolf (past and present) but it’s the remaining core four that we need to see in the future. We want to see Malia thriving in her human life with a family to call her own. We want to see Lydia running a lab and changing the world. We want to see Stiles with a team of investigators and giant red string wall. And we want to see Scott caring for sick animals and living his best life because he deserves true happiness. Basically, we just want to know that the heroes that we have watched save the day time and time again will find peace after all is said and done. It won’t make it easy to say goodbye but it will take the sting away.

What do you want to see in the final episodes of Teen Wolf? Hit the comments and let us know!

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Teen Wolf  returns on MTV this summer.   


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