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‘Lucifer’ Spring Premiere recap: Introducing “Candy Morningstar”

Lucifer recap: Ep 2×14, “Candy Morningstar” aired on May 1, 2017

Welp, Lucifans. After months of pining on our parts, that handsome devil just waltzed back into our lives again and suddenly the world is right again. Yes, it finally happened after three whole months. Actually, on the show it turns out that Lucifer has only been gone for two whole weeks.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Morningstar

Chloe was understandably upset and worried over Lucifer’s sudden disappearance from her life. She’d thought that they were in a good place when last she saw him at the hospital. There she was, ready to explore this thing that was developing between them and he was just gone. Not only did her potential new love disappear, but she also lost the partner that she’d come to count on. Chloe gets snappy any time Ella or Dan mention her erstwhile partner’s name. She wants none of it. She just wants to bury her head and heart in her casework.

She’s working a new case with Dan when in walks that devil as if everything is peachy-keen and he hadn’t fallen off of the face of the earth. Chloe looks irritated and definitely relieved to see him. Enter Candy Morningstar. Lucifer’s bride and the ex-Vegas stripper who according to Lucifer helped distract him from the hellacious experience of his partner almost dying and his desperate roundtrip back to the underworld.

Lucifer recap Candy Morningstar 7

I’ve gotta hand it to the writers on this one. They had me going from the start. Marrying a stripper named Candy is totally a Lucifer move, or at least the Lucifer that we’ve come to know since the show started. Lucifer has always been one to indulge in his desires, whether there’s a foursome to be had or a criminal in need of torturing. Still, I felt just as thrown as Chloe and a little hurt on her behalf especially when it seemed that Lucifer was very much immune to the fact that he was stomping all over her heart. Two whole weeks and he comes back with a wife. Nice work, Morningstar.

Chloe is hella salty for the much of the episode as she tries to work through her hurt feelings and find some way to accept that Lucifer is now married and that he seems happy. Initially, she shoves him out of her life and tells him that his consulting services are no longer needed. Lucifer manages to worm his way back in thanks to some advice from Candy and Dr. Linda. He just shows up. He follows Dan and generally butts into the investigation in every way he possibly can. As has always been the case, Lucifer manages to bring information that Chloe needs to her on-going investigation. He offers to go undercover with wifey, Candy Morningstar to see a mediator (prime suspect). Chloe surprises Lucifer by agreeing that he and his new wife should go undercover, but it’s not Candy sitting on the couch in the mediator’s office.

Maze has gotten very perceptive when it comes to all things Chloe and Lucifer. She tells Chloe that this stunt is a total Lucifer move and that he always comes back around. Also, it was Maze’s idea for Chloe to go undercover with Lucifer with the mediator. And so begins a mediating session that makes me want to see Chloe with and without Lucifer on Dr. Linda’s couch. Granted, the good doctor is one of the gang now and really shouldn’t treat friends, but hell she’s managed to help Mazikeen, Lucifer, Amenadiel and even Charlotte with those sessions. Chloe could definitely benefit and maybe get some insight into the truth about Lucifer from the good doctor. Lord knows that Chloe will need that couch once she does find out the truth. Anyway, Chloe got her money’s worth during that session with their prime suspect and she had the chance to work out her very real issues with Lucifer’s disappearance and reappearance with a wife. She feels betrayed and doesn’t trust that he wouldn’t lie to her. (Technically he is lying with this Candy farce)

Devil with a Plan

Pretty much everyone is shocked by Lucifer’s sudden appearance with a wife. Still they are #TeamLucifer and encourage Chloe to forgive the devil. Even Dan. Who would’ve expected that development last season. Mum does so recon and tries to figure out if her son and new daughter-in-law may be out to get her. She truly wants to win her son’s forgiveness. It’s only been two weeks since her guilt over being such a crappy mother got the best of her. She acknowledged that she was using Lucifer to get back at dear ol’ Dad.

As it turns out, Lucifer has been playing the long con. He admits as much when Amenadiel (#TeamChloe) confronts his brother like some avenging angel. He demands to know exactly what the hell is happening. Amenadiel has been watching out for Chloe (stalking crime scenes and popping up everywhere so that even Ella noticed him) as he promised his brother he would do. Ameandiel calls out his brother for the crap he’s pulling with Chloe. Amenadiel spent the past few weeks watching Chloe because he believed that she meant something to his brother. Lucifer admits that Candy is only a means of thwarting their father’s plotting ways. Lucifer cares for Chloe very much, but he hates the idea that she might not have had any choice or free will in the feelings that she clearly has for Lucifer. His sudden marriage to Candy was meant to put the kibosh on that (for now?). Lucifer seems to mean for now.

Amenadiel tries to convince Lucifer to tell their mother what’s going on and to forgive her. He reminds his brother that Charlotte sacrificed herself and literally died for him (she did come back, but still). Lucifer eventually does go to visit his Mum. He still doesn’t forgive her, even if he knows that she truly cares about him. He does admit that he is far more pissed off with his father than with her. Charlotte tells Lucifer that she still wants to try reuniting their family and making it back to Silver City. They just need the flaming sword that can gain them entry. Apparently, the flaming sword is Azrael’s blade. It’s all they really need to go home.

As the episode ends, we find out that “Candy” is an actress that Lucifer hired to help him run a con on his Mum and Chloe. Actually, her help was in payback for something he helped her out with in Vegas. She was there only to help him get into his mother’s head and to help push Chloe away.  She tells him not to screw up the good thing he has going with Chloe. For her part, the detective forgives Lucifer for disappearing and his sudden marriage as she realizes how her near-death affected him and likely left him feeling commitment-shy.

Again, clearly Lucifer has some really complicated plan. He’s not on board with Mum’s plan to get back into Silver City, but what could he have planned when it comes to dear ol’ Dad. Also, wouldn’t it stand to reason that God knows the game Lucifer is playing? Either way, Lucifer doesn’t seem so done with Chloe and their budding romance after all. Another great episode and yay for them getting Tom Ellis to sing again. This time it was a 90’s jam. Sure it was meant to flush out a suspect, but clearly Lucifer meant every lyric of the Bangel’s “Eternal Flame”.

Conflicted, though she was. Chloe approved.

We’re right there with her.

So what did you think of Lucifer’s spring premiere? Only a few weeks before the finale that will last all summer long, but there should be some interesting twists and developments before then. Hit the comments and let me know what you thought of ep 2×14, “Candy Morningstar”.

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