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Here’s which ‘Arrowverse’ character you are based on your zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you. Does your sign match up with the personality of your favorite Arrowverse character? Find out below!

Aries – Barry Allen

Aries are adventurous, energetic, courageous, and enthusiastic. If you are an Aries, you may find yourself relating to the Flash himself, Barry Allen. While Aries has many positive traits, they also tend to be impulsive – doing things like running back in time to save their parents at the risk of the entire timeline.

Taurus – John Diggle

Taurus are patient, reliable, determined and security loving. These are traits that John Diggle exemplifies. John is always there for Oliver and Team Arrow, and is steadfast in his beliefs. He is constantly concerned for his family’s safety, something that is very common for a Taurus.

Gemini – Sara Lance

Gemini are adaptable, versatile, witty, and cunning. These traits describe Sara Lance perfectly. Able to thrive under the League of Assassins, be a valuable member of Team Arrow, or lead the Legends of Tomorrow, Sara is extremely adaptable and versatile. She also has a playful wit that often comes out while she is working with the Legends. As a former assassin, she is skilled in stealth and cunning.

Cancer – Felicity Smoak

Cancers are emotional, intuitive, protective, and intelligent.  Exemplifying these traits is Felicity Smoak, the intelligent hacker and emotional heart of Team Arrow. Felicity is also very protective – momentarily willing to put the city at risk to rescue Oliver from Ras al Ghul in the season three finale.

Leo – Ray Palmer

Leos are creative, warm-hearted, and enthusiastic. All of these traits are found in The Atom, Ray Palmer. He is certainly creative, having designed and built the Atom suit himself, and his desire to help people is without a doubt warm-hearted. He is also enthusiastic in the majority of his endeavors, often getting excited about his adventures with the Legends of Tomorrow.

Virgo – Alex Danvers

Virgos are practical, analytical, intelligent, and reliable – all traits that are perfect for a DEO Agent. Alex Danvers is every one of these things, which is what makes her so good at her job. Her analytical personality and her intelligence allow her to excel as an agent, and her reliability makes her an especially good sister to Kara.

Libra – Kara Danvers

Libras are diplomatic, idealistic, peaceable, and romantic. Who better to represent those traits than Supergirl herself? Kara is all about fairness and equality, and she values peace. She is also very romantic – she adores musicals and even stops to get Mon-el flowers after their first night together.

Scorpio – Caitlin Snow

Scorpios are powerful, passionate, determined, and intuitive. These traits describe The Flash’s Caitlin Snow perfectly. She is an extremely passionate member of Team Flash, and her intuition aids her in emergency situations, when she has to provide medical aid to Barry or another member of Team Flash.

Sagittarius – Cisco Ramon

Sagittarius are optimistic, good humored, honest, and straightforward. Cisco Ramon is a great example of a Sagittarius – he is the funniest member of Team Flash, and he is often very optimistic regardless of what situation they find themselves in. He is also honest and straightforward – he is not afraid to let Barry know when he disagrees with him.

Capricorn – Iris West

Capricorns are ambitious, patient, and prudent. Iris West displays these traits through her career and her work on Team Flash. Her patience with Barry is commendable, she gives him the time and space he needs to sort out whatever he is dealing with, and she is always there for him. She is also prudent, often planning for the future and trying to figure out how to deal with what’s coming next.

Aquarius – Oliver Queen’

Aquarius are independent, original, loyal, and humanitarian. They often make good politicians, so who better to represent Aquarius than the Star City mayor himself – Oliver Queen. Oliver is independent, sometimes to the point of seeming detached – a common downfall for Aquarius. He is also loyal to his family and friends, and humanitarian in his desire to always do what is right for his city and all of the people in it.

Pisces – Laurel Lance

Pisces are sensitive, compassionate, kind, and selfless. From day one of Arrow Laurel has embodied these traits. She ran CNRI, providing legal aid to low income neighborhoods, and she went on to become the Black Canary, protecting anyone and everyone that she could. Also, Pisces can often be too idealistic, a trait which Laurel struggles with.

Are you happy with the character assigned to your sign, or do you think someone else would’ve represented it better? Comment down below! And check out our Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl pages for more Arrowverse fun!

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