The 8 best songs from ‘Shadowhunters’

It’s no secret that a lot of time and effort goes in to finding the perfect music to accompany a television show. Finding the right song and matching it with the right scene is no easy task. A lot of great songs have actually been written specifically for certain shows which is what causes them to become so widespread. In fact, almost all of my favorite music is from some kind of show or movie.

Shadowhunters is no exception when it comes to playing great music and creating original music for their show. A ton of songs from Shadowhunters have a spot on my playlist, so we took to Tumblr to see which ones had a spot on yours.

After doing some research and rewatching some of Shadowhunters’ best moments, we compiled 8 songs from the show that fans were quick to love.

War of Hearts – Ruelle

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that “War of Hearts” made the list. I mean come on, no one could ever forget the song that played during that epic Malec scene!

Don’t Forget About Me – Cloves

The emotional impact of Jocelyn’s death was heightened with this specific song choice for the funeral. Although I’d never found myself too invested in Clary’s mom, that beautiful scene with Cloves playing in the background brought me close to tears.

Monsters – Ruelle

This was probably the perfect song to open up the series. During the first few minutes of the pilot we see Jace, Alec, and Isabelle hunting a shapeshifter with “Monsters” blaring in the background. And let me just say, it was badass.

Soldier – Fleurie

Clary begging Luke not to leave her was probably one of the most emotional scenes in the series for me. The lyric “Soldier keep on marching on” felt pretty fitting given the situation and it served to give the whole interaction a new level of intensity.

This is the Hunt – Ruelle

“This is the Hunt” may be Shadowhunters’ theme song but it’s also extremely catchy. In fact, I’ve actually found myself looking forward to the opening credits just to hear the music play.

It Hurts like Hell – Fleurie

This is yet another sad song mixed with another sad scene that had me bawling like a baby. Simon Lewis has always been one of my favorite Shadowhunters characters and seeing a sobbing Clary saying goodbye to her best friend had me in a fit of tears.

Storm – Ruelle

Jace and Clary’s first kiss was bound to be accompanied by something epic and original. As soon as the scene aired “Storm” was immediately added to my playlist and fan videos for multiple different couples started popping up with the song.

Rising Rising – Crywolf

Okay I can’t be the only one who’s crazy about this song. When Simon ran out into the sun pulling Clary with him it honestly felt like one of the happiest moments of the show. The music was originally remixed for that specific scene, but the full version has actually become one of my favorite songs of all time.

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