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Show writer Will Wallace chats what’s to come with ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6B

We are nearing the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf, and we are hungry for some 6B deets. We had the chance to chat with super cool dude and Teen Wolf writer Will Wallace about what to expect in 6B. Will couldn’t spill all of the beans, but he definitely gave us a taste of what’s to come. And since this is the show’s final run, we chatted about previous seasons and some of his Teen Wolf favorites. Check it out!

Meg Bonney: Okay, so my first question might be everyone’s question, but do you have any idea when Teen Wolf 6B will premiere?

Will Wallace: I do not.

We have been told summer.

Yes, I am confident it’s summertime, but that’s all I can say.

Understood. Now that that is out of the way, let’s look back at the previous seasons. What was your favorite story-line of the series?

Oh, 3B is my favorite story just because Kira’s my favorite character, and she has been since the very first time we started talking about that character as a very broad idea. And that story, I think, was pretty, pretty great. I mean, all of our seasons have been amazing, but that one, for whatever reason, spoke to me the most.


Is there any chance that Kira could come back in 6B?

I can’t say who is or isn’t coming back. That’s just something you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Well, I hope she does. I love her character and the mythology that came with her family. It added a new level to everything and I’d have to agree with you, 3B is probably my favorite story-line too.

Yeah, it’s pretty f*cking cool. Typically, I am not really into mythology. When it comes to history and stuff like that, I am much more of a European history buff.  I love WWI and WWII, those are kind of my favorite time periods.

Very cool.

But then the moment we started working on 3B, and Jeff said, “Alright, we’re going to have this new character. Her name is Kira and she’s a Kitsune,” and then everyone started doing their homework. You know, reading up on Japanese mythology and lore. It kind of opened my eyes, and I think the other writer’s eyes to how there is so much mythology out there in the world. And, of course, Jeff played into that. Like in season 2 with the Kanima, Jeff started talking about how that’s a South American legend, and I was like, oh sh*t, that’s amazing. I never would have thought to go in that direction. Jeff was always very good about surprising us with ideas like that.

I love that. So do you guys get to throw out your own mythology ideas, or does Jeff come up with those?

Usually at the beginning of the season, Jeff has a general idea of what mythology he would like to play with, but the moment he tells us, we all start reading and that always leads to other things. We would come in with different ideas. Like I remember one of our writers, Ian, brought up the Wild Hunt in season 4 or maybe even 3B, and it didn’t really work at the time, but later we found a way to make it work and it became a massive part of the story. So, yes we do a whole lot of reading and throwing stuff out there. Some of it stays and some of it doesn’t.


Speaking of the Wild Hunt, I loved 6A. I love the Ghost Riders and how silent they were and just so creepy. Did you guys come up with how they would look, or was that based in mythology?

That all came from Jeff. He came in with this idea that the Wild Hunt would be cowboys, and he just drew a picture of what their faces would look like. About 90% of the time, he doesn’t explain what it is, he just draws it. He’s an amazing artist, and he gives it to the makeup guys, and they turn it into a more refined drawing.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that. So with 6A, it didn’t really end with a clear, defined villain like previous seasons have. Are there any teasers you can give us for who the villain is going to be in 6B or at least tell us if there is going to be a big villain?

There’s always a big villain! It’s Teen Wolf after all. I can’t really talk about it, but I will say that the new villain we introduce is my favorite villain out of all the villains we’ve had. And this won’t make any sense, because I can’t give you any clarification on it, but we have seen this villain’s origin story in the series already. I won’t tell you what season, but we found a way to take that particular moment and make that the origin of our bad guy. We were thinking about this character, and Jeff had all these ideas and we were all coming up with these ideas and someone said, “what about this moment in time in Teen Wolf, in Beacon Hills. What if this is the moment that did it?” And we were like, ‘holy sh*t, that’s the coolest thing ever!’ I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Awesome! We’ve heard some rumors that there are going to be some big deaths. Any truth to that?

Ummm, no comment at this time.

Fair enough. I know you can’t tell us about any returning characters, but is there any character that you would still like to write for?

Hmm, okay so whenever we would get stuck on a story, we would start pitching ideas for Teen Wolf movies. And we actually came up with an idea that would explain what Cora’s been up to and what Derek’s been up to since he left the show. It’s a really outrageous and f*cking cool idea. That would be a ton of fun!


That would be amazing! That’s a big question people have. Anything you can do to get that movie made, we will be happy! Or even in novel form would be great.

I would love an anthology comic series.

We would love that too! So staying on the topic of 6B, I have to ask about Stydia. Will we get to see them as a legit couple?

It’s pretty safe to say that. We know how last season ended, so I’d say it’s pretty safe to think that we will see that happen, but again, we will have to wait and see.

Staying on the topic of romance, a lot of people are shipping Scott and Malia. They had to work together pretty closely in 6A and really bonded. Was the idea of a possible romance something you had in mind during 6A or did that chemistry just develop on its own?

That’s the great thing about our cast. You can pair pretty much anyone together because the chemistry is always there. And that’s definitely a pairing we had talked about, so if something like that were to happen, it would probably be a lot of fun to play with. Malia is my second favorite character on the show. She has a certain bluntness, and she doesn’t beat around the bush, so it’s always fun to put her in situations like that. And Scott, who is the hero of our show, is always fun to have as a romantic lead. So, if something like that were to happen, it would be fun to see developed.


I think people are really ready to see Scott get a happy ending. Do you think he will go out with a happy ending, or will he go out in a blaze of glory?

I certainly hope he gets a happy ending. But this is Teen Wolf after all.

So true. Okay, I was watching an old episode where Peter was being the creepiest dude ever with Allison at Macy’s, and then I think of how he is now in 6A. We were all rooting for him which is crazy to think about, because he was a really bad dude. Was that always the intention with his character?

Well, a lot of that has to do with the actor Ian Bohen being a great person to work with and the character being so charismatic. And the same can be said for Theo. Like, he is a murderer, but people like him.

*whispers* I love him.

Yeah, and that’s something we definitely talked about on the show. How do you handle these types of characters who are bad people but they are so much fun to have around. Trying to turn bad guys to good guys and good guys to bad guys. And I am usually the one in the room trumpeting out the bad things these guys have done.


Are we going to cry in 6B?

Oh, yeah, of course. It’s Teen Wolf.

Ha, ha. That’s a great answer. Have there been any official talks about a Teen Wolf spin-off?

Not that I am currently aware of, but it would be awesome if there was one because all of these characters are just so much fun. We could take any of these characters and pair them up and I don’t think anyone would be upset by that. It would be so much fun to see that happen.

I would be down for a Liam and Theo buddy comedy spin-off. Just stick them in an apartment! 

That would be a lot of fun.

My last question is would you take the bite?

I don’t know. Being a werewolf doesn’t do a lot of great things for your life. Your coordination, speed, and strength is all better, but you are constantly being attacked by monsters. I think I’d have to go with no. I think I’d just stay a regular ol’ human being. What about you?

I would say no. I don’t know, they get so distracted once a month with the moon. I’m a writer and mom. I don’t need any more distractions.

Oh, yeah. Haha

Thank you so much Will! 

You’re welcome! Thanks, Meg!

While there is no air date or trailer for Teen Wolf, we are even more excited for it’s return! Want more Teen Wolf goodness in your life? Head to our Teen Wolf Lair for recaps and news on the series!

Teen Wolf  returns on MTV this summer.   

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