‘Supernatural’ recap 12×19 “The Future”

Season 12, Episode 19, “The Future”, Aired April 27, 2017

After a little bit of a break we are back, people! Castiel finally returns from Heaven and Dagon still has Kelly. And then stuff really gets worrying. But let’s backtrack a little.


Bit of a rocky start. We open with Kelly being held prisoner by Dagon, who won’t shut up about how awesome and destructive Kelly’s Nephilim baby is going to be. And Kelly reaches her breaking point. It might just have been me but was that scene of Kelly trying to kill herself graphic or what?! Thankfully we find out later that she’s not dead— her baby “rescued” her by bringing her back to life. She’s convinced it’s because he’s good and not just because, you know, he wants to be born.

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Castiel returns! Our fave angel is back and Dean is pissed that the brothers didn’t hear from him. Cas says he had “bad reception” in Heaven. Cas tells Sam and Dean that he was trying to get information but didn’t find anything helpful. Later, he tries to return a mixtape that Dean made for him (!!), but Dean won’t take it back. He stresses that it’s a gift. Dean says that the three of them are just better together, and calls them “Team Free Will” out loud. Cue all of us fans yelling at our TV’s.

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So many different plans. Sam comes up with an idea to extract the nephilim’s angel grace when it’s born so that Kelly doesn’t die and it becomes human. Meanwhile, Castiel gets orders from Joshua, the angel, to steal the Colt and kill Kelly—so the Winchesters don’t have to. Thankfully he only does one of those and frees Kelly instead, driving to a motel far away. Meanwhile, Lucifer gets scary angry with Dagon. Cas talks Kelly into going to Heaven with her baby, but she still thinks that it’s not evil.

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Well that was awkward. Kelly confesses to Cas that she tried to kill herself but that her baby saved her. Cas asks her who will care for her child if she isn’t around, and it just so happens that the baby kicks when he says this. We get a very cute moment of Cas’s hand on a baby bump before Kelly’s eyes turn gold and she gets some sort of vision. Sam and Dean soon show up and try to tell Kelly about Sam’s idea but she won’t listen, saying it would “take away what makes him special” and “it’s the only thing that matters.” Then she STEALS THE IMPALA with Cas in tow and decides to go along with his plan. Because she’s convinced her baby wants Castiel to look after him when Kelly is gone. Uhhh, what?



Creepy baby. Cas and Kelly arrive at the sandbox to go to Heaven, but Dagon is there too. Just before she beats Cas, Sam and Dean show up. Dagon destroys the Colt and it looks like it’s too late… Until Kelly holds Cas’s hand and energy travels between the two of them, making his eyes glow gold. With this new power he defeats Dagon. But something is definitely off because now he’s sure that Kelly’s child is good and must be born. When Sam and Dean try to protest, Cas says he “saw the future.” Oh, and he also knocks them out with the ‘ol angel forehead-touch. He and Kelly leave together as the Winchesters lie unconscious.

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Okay, what the heck happened to Castiel? And should we even trust this baby? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

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