5 Reasons I’ll always be a Potterhead

Harry Potter is the franchise that has defined a generation. We poured over the books and lined up for the movies, all while dressed in the uniform of our favorite Hogwarts house. Harry Potter occupies a unique and permanent place in the heart of many – something most stories are unable to accomplish. Here are 5 reasons why I’ll always be a potterhead.

The Characters

Let’s start with the obvious. We are all incredibly attached to the characters JK Rowling created. She constructed her characters in a way that made them entertaining, likable, and relatable. They are not perfect by any means – they are flawed, make mistakes, and have emotions. They are human, and because of this they will forever feel like our childhood friends.

The Community

The Harry Potter fandom is well known for it’s passion and scale. There are so many of us, all across the world, and we all love this franchise so very much. The great thing about being a Harry Potter fan is the sense of community it gives you – you may have nothing else in common with another person except for your love of this story. Also, the nature of Harry Potter allows you to connect with similar people through it’s house structure. Finding out someone is a member of your Hogwarts house tells you instantly that they value the same traits and ideas you do, making it easier to form friendships.

It Got Kids Reading

Harry Potter created a generation of readers. Growing up, kids had so many choices of how to spend their free time, its amazing that so many chose to read these novels for fun. That’s the real magic of Harry Potter – this story turned an entire generation of kids into passionate readers, positively influencing their entire lives.

It Taught Us What is Right

The one core principle woven throughout the entirety of the Harry Potter stories is the importance of love and acceptance. Kids who grew up with Harry Potter were taught the importance of equality – in fact, studies show that kids who grew up with Harry Potter are more accepting of diversity. It’s really amazing what an effect this magical book series has had on shaping so many people.

Hogwarts is our Home

For so many people, these books and films serve as a safe place to return to when the world gets a little too tough. When reality gets overwhelming, or things aren’t going well, we can always return to Hogwarts by simply picking up a book or turning on a movie. Picking up a Harry Potter book feels like reuniting with an old friend – a magic which somehow never diminishes no matter how many times you revisit it.

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” -JK Rowling

Return home this weekend with Freeform’s Harry Potter Weekend, which started today and will continue all weekend long! And if you want to chat about all things Potter, head to the comments below!

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