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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Refresher: 9 Times the Music Department Had Us Shook!

The talent behind Lucifer‘s music department has always been lit. From the first time, we ever saw Lucifer himself in the pilot with Caged the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” serving as the perfect backdrop to Tom Ellis’ amazing cover of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman”.  Season two has shown just as much care in choosing great sounds to accompany the drama or humor on-screen. Some shows (you know who you are) tend to fall back on music and the use of montages overmuch, but Lucifer has managed to find a great balance. They also include classics along with some new voices that I hadn’t heard before, and immediately went searching for everything I could find for these new artists. Also, let me again mention how much I love that the piano is such a centerpiece in so many episodes. It’s an extension of his character. I was reading up and someone mentioned something about Lucifer being the Angel of Music.  That is definitely true on this show.

Jeff Russo and Ben Decter are credited over at IMDB for the music this season. Gentlemen, we salute your genius picks and whoever continues to allow Tom to tickle the ivories. Even when he’s not singing or saying a word, there’s so much emotion in the action. A lot of…interesting moments have gone down for Deckerstar (Chloe/Lucifer) while sitting at that piano. We happily await more. Until then, check out our top 9 favorite music moments from Season 2 so far.

1. “The Unforgiven” – Metallica (instrumental as played by Lucifer/Tom Ellis)

What a great moment and scene as Lucifer and family deal with the fall out of Uriel’s death. With his brother going after Chloe and trying to send their mother back to hell, Lucifer had no choice but to take down his brother. Now he’s racked with guilt over it. Elsewhere, Amenadiel is done with their father’s inaction and seeming lack of care for his family.

2) “Heartbreaker” – Pat Benatar (as sung by Chloe, Mazikeen, Dr. Linda, and Ella)

How epic was “Lady Parts” for this scene alone? Well, that and finding out later that drunk Chloe agreed to be roomies with Mazikeen. I remember riding shotgun with a friend of mind spending along the highway and belting this one out at the top of our lungs. It was fun to see the ladies bonding over drinks, karaoke, and bar fights. We’ll have more of that please.

3) “War Paint” – Chasing Jonah

Lucifer learns the truth about Chloe being made from him and it’s so heartbreaking. He’d just spent the entire episode agonizing over whether or not her feeling for him could be genuine or some trick. Just when he’s happy and ready to see where things go, Mum and (unwilling participant) Mazikeen lower the boom. “War Paint” plays and it’s fantastic and emotion. Lucifer has been served a betrayal by his father yet again and this time it involves Chloe. Then things hit the climax when he arrives at Chloe’s place to find that like the victims earlier in the episode, Chloe has been poisoned with a deadly concoction. Wonderful pick.


4) “Bad Blood” – Tumbleweed Wanderers

After, Dr. Linda finally lays down the law and tells her patient to stop speaking in metaphors and get real, Lucifer does just that. Our favorite doctor is understandably shook. There’s something airy and innocent about the song that plays throughout in the background. It’s perfect. Lucifer trusts the doctor completely with a truth that she shouldn’t have. He leaves himself vulnerable. It takes an ep or so, but that trust was definitely rewarded.


5) “All Along the Watchtower” –  Jimi Hendrix (as performed by Lucifer/Tom Ellis)

What better song than this to cap off a great season premiere and get us primed for all that was to come. The montage sets up a lot. Maze and Dr. Linda’s new connection. Chloe’s questions about Lucifer. Dan’s return. Amenadiel’s troublesome power outages. Lucifer wondering where and the world his vengeful Mum could be. Also, it felt like the perfect shout-out. This awesome classic was also played during a particularly epic Battlestar Galactica finale. You’ll remember that Tricia Helfer is a BSG alum and just as Lucifer finishes playing, there she stands…and then falls. Perfect.


6) “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – The Clash

Mum’s been up to no good and she almost makes Lucifer lose the nightclub that has become his home away from home. Thanks to a bit of insight from Dr. Linda, Charlotte figures out that LUX isn’t the thing keeping Lucifer in town. Chloe saves the day and keeps the police from shutting down Lucifer’s final LUX bash. (Thankfully, Chloe does him one better and saves the club itself). Now how could these two not be meant for each other. Just too sweet for ones. Look at their faces. Also, love this song. Just fun.


7) “Low Lays the Devil” – The Veils

Bestill my shipper heart! First how adorable is Trixie and Lucifer acts the curmudgeon, but God help anyone who lays hand on that kid. Who couldn’t love that precocious tyke? She was the first person who believed that Lucifer was the devil and she wasn’t afraid. The real gold of the scene is Lucifer trying to comfort Chloe and tell her that her dad would be proud of what she’s accomplished. Great song choice. It just strikes the right chord for both moments.


8) “Seven Devils” – Florence and the Machine

The week prior we finally got their first kiss, and here was the TV gods….er Devil giving us a hot, hot, hot moment set to Florence Welch’s powerful, sultry tones. It just was so damn good and the lyrics on point. Of course, it turned out to be a dream, but what a hot one. Then to wake up and find Mazikeen watching you have said dream…great way to open an episode. HOT!!! I mean he just plopped her on that piano. Whoa, boy!!

9) “Unsteady” – X Ambassadors

THIS is how they left us. How powerful was this montage. I swear I’ve watched it a few dozen times and yes I was on my feet and edging closer and closer to the television screen when I watched the first time (and the second and third time, too). Hold on to me? Mother, I know that you’re tired of being alone!!! Holy frak. This song was made for this moment. Charlotte feeling bogged down by her guilt over losing Uriel and using Lucifer. Amenadiel standing his group and keeping the doctors from moving a possibly dying Chloe. Maze and Linda trying to bring Lucifer back. Dan looking like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and as he looks at the little vial in hand that could help his dying ex. Despite their earlier troubles, Lucifer and Amenadiel connecting again. Lucifer with Chloe one more time before he goes ghost on her and us to do God knows what. This definitely is at the top of my music choices for this show. I dare you not to watch this…over and over again.



Honorable mentions:

So, I’m looking at this list and realizing that I left off a few gems including Natalie Taylor’s flawless “In the Air Tonight” cover. I said nine songs, though, so I’m going to hold myself to it. There was also, classic “Bust a move” by Young MC (hello, childhood!), “I’m a Wanted Man” by Royal Deluxe, and “It’s Tricky” by RUN-DMC.


So did I hit on any of your favorites, or am I missing something huge? Let me know in the comments or list your favorites.


Lucifer airs on FOX on Mondays @ 9/8c


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