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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Refresher: The Evolution of Dr Linda, Detective Douche, and Charming Ella

Lucifer has done a pretty great job of giving their supporting characters a chance to shine. Sure the show is named for our charming Devil, and he absolutely draws us in but the entire ensemble brings so much to the table.

Not Your Every Day Douche…

This season Dan (Kevin Alejandro) has grown beyond his former title, “Detective Douche”.  Sure it’s fun to watch Lucifer give him a hard time, but at some point the character became more than simply Chloe’s ex and possible obstacle. The season 2 episode where Lucifer is shadowing and emulating Dan is all kinds of wonderful for some many reasons (the matching outfits were the BEST). Not the least of those reasons was the reveal that Dan has joined an Improve group and it’s his turn to show the world how he perceives Lucifer. The Devil isn’t flattered in the least. The two manage to forge the beginnings of a friendship. That friendship is tested when Lucifer finds out about Dan hooking up with his mother. Granted, Dan doesn’t know that Charlotte really is Lucifer’s mother. Besides, Lucifer is also guilty of breaking “Bro Code” rules by falling for Dan’s ex. They’re pretty even when it comes to their choice in romantic partners…right?


Ella Has Us Enchanted

Newbie, Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) immediately takes a shine to Chloe’s civilian partner in crime-fighting. More than anyone else before, she appears to take Lucifer’s off-the-wall comments and manner in stride. Ella bonds so well with Lucifer that Chloe even starts to feel jealous for a while there. It doesn’t seem like Chloe has anything to worry about, though since because the younger woman doesn’t seem likely to fall for Lucifer’s charms any time soon.  Garcia has great chemistry with the entire cast and it almost feels as though her character has always been around. She even joined in during the Girls’ Night antics and managed to charm Mazikeen.

The writers have managed to do a lot to flesh out this new character in a short amount of time. When last we saw Ella, she was working on an antidote for poisoned Chloe and telling our favorite Devil and Detective to get a room when she thought they were engaging in a flirty, “whisper fight”. Ella spends much of the Winter finale with Dan as the two break into a warehouse to steal something that sounds like it’s straight out of a “Fast and Furious” movie. It was pretty cool. Hopefully, we get to see more of Ella’s criminal bro and more Dan/Ella interaction.

Paging Doctor Martin!!

Rachael Harris is one of the best character actors. She is perfect for the role of Dr. Linda Martin. Just the right amount of deadpan humor and earnestness can go a long way. This season has seen a few major discoveries for the good doctor. The delusional patient that she was sleeping with at one point turned out to be the actual Devil himself, and she’s one of few humans to see his true face. Sure since the show began, Lucifer flashed those fiery irises whenever someone truly pissed him off, but he’s been diligent about keeping the very pretty “Tom Ellis” visage in place. At least this was the case until Dr. Linda laid down the law. She didn’t think that she was helping him and was about to cut him loose as a patient. She really cut him loose when she got a look at what she was truly dealing with. After that truth, Linda discovered that her new BFF was a demon and Dr. Linda couldn’t deal. She barricaded herself in her office and refused to see either of them for at least an episode. How amazing was that scene when Mazikeen came to tell her friend about finding a job and chastised the woman about not being accepting. Some of the best moments this season have been between Mazikeen and Dr. Linda. The usually abundant confident, Mazikeen has found in the good doctor a friend, confidant, and someone who will just tell her how genuinely awesome she is. Everyone needs to hear it, sometimes. Lucifer apparently never learned that about Mazikeen.


Dr. Linda has managed to become the go-to therapist for nearly all the supernaturals on the show. She sees Mazikeen and the brothers pretty regularly. Now she’s met with Charlotte a few times and given her insight into Lucifer. What he loves. What he needs. Of course, as always her patients take her advice and twist it to fit what they need to happen.  Linda isn’t always on duty. She hangs out at LUX pretty regularly. Recently, Lucifer and co enlisted her to help with “Operation: Send Lucifer Back to Hell, Then Bring Him Right The Hell Back”. I didn’t realize therapist actually did the whole medical school route, but she knew how to work those paddles so it’s all good.

Welp, LuciFans, we’re getting closer and closer to all-new episodes. Here’s hoping for more goodness. Can’t wait until Dr. Linda gets God on her couch. Hell, she should have them all in for a nice round of family counseling. That would be one crazy session. Also, Chloe’s going to need someone to talk to when she finally realizes that Lucifer’s “I’m the Prince of Hell” schtick is the real deal. She’ll absolutely have Dr. Linda in her corner for that one. The countdown continues…

Lucifer Returns to Fox on 05/01/2017 @ 9/8c

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