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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Refresher: Family Ties From Hell…and Heaven

It’s hump day!!! Happy, happy. We’re one day closer to ending this crazy long hiatus. I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed Tom Ellis’ sinful smile and DB Woodside’s heavenly charm. The hit FOX series upped their game tenfold when they cast BSG fave, Tricia Helfer as the boys’ conniving Mum. It stands to reason that with all of these supernaturals in our midst, that the big guy himself couldn’t be too far behind. As we get closer to Lucifer’s return, let’s take a moment to refresh ourselves on all of that crazy good family drama of season two and where we left off.

Oh, Brother…

One of my absolute favorite things about the first season was the relationship between Amenadiel and Lucifer. Even from the beginning when they were perpetually at odds, Lucifer and his brother had an interesting dynamic. Amenadiel tried every trick in the book to get his wayward brother to return to Hell, and he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Therein was the problem for poor Amenadiel at the start of season two. Between the fact that he was sleeping with a demon and crossing all kinds of questionable lines in his earlier attempts to get Lucifer to fall in line, Amenadiel began to fall just as surely as his brother had.

It was heartbreaking to see the proud angel losing his wings and his powers. Amenadiel made the discovery around the same time that Mazikeen put the (temporary!!) kibosh on their relationship. She wanted to focus on herself for a while and figure out her place in the world. Amenadiel pretended to want them same. It was at that point where feeling abandoned by his father, the fallen angel began mending fences with his mother. He was vulnerable and open to being manipulated by Mum/Charlotte to help her get the revenge she craved against her ex. Also, she was suddenly his key to getting back into Heaven.

The bromance that flourished between Lucifer and Amenadiel last season, took a backseat as the brothers both focused on their issues. Lucifer was still feeling out his connection with Chloe, continuing to build his partnership with Chloe, and there was the issue of dear ol’ Mum. It was great to see things start to come together again in the last few episodes before the Winter finale. After finding out that his brother was sent on a mission from God to ensure Chloe was conceived, Lucifer began to wonder if his brother had been playing him all along and helping their father interfere in his life. Lucifer felt betrayed, but the two appeared to mend those old wounds in their relationship in the 2×13. Lucifer tasked his brother with the important job of watching over Chloe while the Devil was back in Hell trying to find a cure for the poison.

How amazing were the scenes in that hospital?? First with Amenadiel meeting Trixie and the little girl declaring that he was her mother’s guardian angel. Then that awesome moment when he wouldn’t let the hospital staff move Chloe and he had to fight off security until his brother could return. He was a force to be reckoned with. Powers or not. Even better than that moment was seeing Lucifer and Amenadiel showing care for one another again. Lucifer thankful that his brother was able to keep Chloe safe when he couldn’t. Amenadiel sparking the trust and bond between them again. Amenadiel relieved to see to his brother back in the land of the living.


Like a Mum Out of Hell

Charlotte aka Mum came on the scene, and she was trouble for sure. Tricia Helfer managed to infuse the character with a wonderful balance of self-interest, a need for vengeance, and a genuine care for her children. Charlotte has been like Lucifer to the nth degree. She indulged her every desire. One desire in particular with Chloe’s ex, Dan, much to both Lucifer and Amenadiel’s dismay.

Despite the limitations of her human form, Charlotte quickly found that she wasn’t weak by any means. She had powers, but not enough to make her way back into Heaven. She believed that Lucifer could get the job done, though. So she made every effort to cut away the ties keeping Lucifer in LA. Initially, she thought that it was the people and his nightclub that had given Lucifer a sense of belonging. It didn’t take her long to discover Lucifer’s true weakness. Her son was falling for mortal Chloe. She tried to kill the detective at first, and nearly succeeded with a bomb in Chloe’s car. Thankfully, Mazikeen intervened.

It was Amenadiel who armed Charlotte with the weapon that she needed to disillusion Lucifer about his interfering father and the circumstances of Chloe’s conception. A guy finds out that the woman he’s falling for was literally made for him, and he’s not cool with that at all. He was already doubting whether or what Chloe felt for him was real. This discovery left Lucifer with no other choice than to walk away from Chloe at the end of the Winter finale. There’s also, the amazing scene in Hell where he’s bogged down by his own guilt over killing Uriel to protect Chloe.

Charlotte actually sacrificed herself and took a return trip to hell to save Lucifer. She ended up in her own looping hell. What was her sin? Abandoning her children. She felt guilty and Lucifer ends up dragging her away from the embodiment of her dead son, Uriel. Of course, Lucifer found out that dear ol’ Mum was manipulating him in her all out quest for vengeance against God. Not cool, Mum.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Lucifer.

With Mum on the scene, it couldn’t have been very long before God himself put in an appearance of some kind. Trailers for next week’s episode and recent casting news has lit the match on that possibility becoming reality. Who better to play the larger than life figure than the uber talented, Timothy Omundson (Galavant)?

Gotta wonder what kind of hell Lucifer has been raising during this hiatus to get the big guy himself to finally sit up and take notice. What exactly was the old man’s plan when it came to creating Chloe? Is that why she’s immune to Lucifer’s charms and leaves Lucifer vulnerable to physical harm. Is Chloe, Lucifer’s shot at redemption or another game where one of his parents is using Lucifer as a pawn. Here’s hoping the remainder of the season offers a bit of enlightenment the old man’s motivation.

What fresh hell do you think will be stirred up as the show adds God to the mix? Talk about dysfunctional. Hit the comments to let me know what you think. Also, if you missed it, hit the rewind on all the great season 2 developments for Mazikeen (here) and the many twists in Chloe/Lucifer’s relationship (here). Check back here tomorrow for more Season 2 love, Dr. Linda’s in the house. Until tomorrow, Lucifans.

Lucifer Returns to Fox on 05/01/2017 @ 9/8c

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