‘Arrow’ recap: 5×19 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Wow! What an episode. We saw Felicity at odds with Team Arrow in a way we never have before, plus – trouble in Dyla paradise? Let’s get into it, Hoss.

The Prometheus Problem

The episode starts with Team Arrow attempting to catch Adrian Chase at an arcade. They fail, and the arcade literally attacks them. After our intro we see Oliver, Lyla, and city officials working in the mayor’s office in an attempt to locate Chase. Lance enters to to inform Oliver that the press can no longer wait, and Oliver addresses them in vague answers (he’s getting really good at this politician thing.)

We cut to Felicity at Helix’s base where they are also working on catching Prometheus. She’s convinced to aid Helix in hacking Argus’s network, which leads to Alena (Felicity’s Helix friend) murdering an Argus agent for a key. The next thing we see is Oliver, Dinah, and Lyla showing up to the crime scene. They radio Felicity and Curtis to check the security footage – on which they see that the agent was killed by blunt force trauma after the elevator was hacked and made to quickly speed up and down. Felicity realizes what has happened and quickly heads for Helix headquarters.

Back at Helix, Alena explains that she didn’t mean to murder the agent with the elevator, only knock him out. Her motivation for stealing the key is that a very skilled hacker (the creator of Helix) is being held without cause at Argus, and the key is needed to rescue him. She tells Felicity that if she helps with the rescue, Helix will give her technology that will allow her to locate Adrian Chase based on his heartbeat. It turns out that two keys are needed for the Helix rescue, and Team Arrow (sans Felicity) agrees to help Argus protect the second key. When the time comes, Felicity asks Diggle to let Helix take the key, and he agrees. Helix gets away with the key.

Smoak vs. Arrow

At the Arrow cave, Felicity and Lyla argue. Oliver and Diggle agree with Lyla, and Felicity mentions that Oliver and Lyla are hypocritical when talking about “crossing the line”. Tensions rise as Diggle and Lyla disagree about Argus holding a man prisoner with no trial. Diggle and Oliver discuss how to get Felicity out of Helix. Diggle thinks Oliver is the only one that can convince her to leave.

“I’m not the one she was gonna marry.”

Props to Arrow for finally acknowledging that Oliver and Felicity were engaged only a year ago.

Oliver shows up at Felicity’s apartment and attempts to convince her not to go help Helix. She tells him she has to go – the reason she fell in love with Oliver was his commitment to always doing the right thing, and she wants to do the same.

Our two opposing teams prepare for confrontation, and Felicity is shocked that Helix is bringing guns. Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle discuss Felicity and Lyla’s recent willingness to “cross the line”. After a clever editing mislead, we discover that Helix is headed to a completely different location that the one Team Arrow is waiting at. By the time Team Arrow gets there, Helix has already found the kidnapped hacker. Felicity confronts Team Arrow and steps in between Oliver and Helix, willing to take a bullet for her cause. She ends up employing an electric fence to keep Oliver away, which creates a dramatic moment between the two of them, solidifying their conflict.

Helix wins the day and saves the hacker from Argus, but ends up clearing out of their headquarters and dumping Felicity. They leave behind the tracking code to find Adrian and Felicity uses it at the Arrow Cave. With only Oliver and Felicity in the bunker, Adrian attacks, setting us up for next week’s Olicity-centric “trapped in the bunker” episode. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla struggle with their opposing stances on the “imprisonment without trial” issue.

Wild Puppy?

This episode chooses to forgo the usually flashbacks and instead gives us a subplot revolving around Lance, Rene, and his daughter. While the rest of Team Arrow struggles with Helix, Lance and Rene talk with Prometheus’s victims family members. The conversations are tough and Lance promises that Chase will be brought to justice. He also mentions that he knows about Rene’s family situation, and questions why Rene has not attempted to get his daughter back. Rene responds with “I’m just not ready, Hoss.”

Later, Lance talks again with Rene about his daughter. Rene reveals that the reason he cannot see his daughter is because last time he had her, she was hurt. Rene drunkenly fell asleep while heating soup and she pulled the pot off of the stove, burning herself. He believes she deserves better than him.

Lance arranges for Rene to see his daughter, and we get a sweet moment of her rushing into his arms.

“Thank you, Hoss.”

Zoey tells her dad that she’s playing goalie on the hockey team, just like him. She asks when they can go home and he has to tell her that they can’t today, but he decides to fight to get her back.


  • No flashbacks!
  • Felicity chooses dark makeup for Helix missions, because you gotta look the part.
  • “Hoss”
  • Diggle refering to Alena as “Felicity’s friend”
  • The trailer for next week looks amazing.

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