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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Refresher: All About Mazikeen

Six days and counting until FOX’s hit series, Lucifer FINALLY returns. The primetime tv landscape hasn’t quite been the same without a certain wisecracking, demon bounty huntress. Thankfully, the wait is nearly over. The hiatus was so long and there’s been so much good TV on recently that I had to go back and rewatch the season to job my memory on all the stuff that’s happened since the premiere, “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”. Mum returned from hell and caused all kinds of trouble for our favorite Devil and all his friends. Mazikeen decided to take time for herself and to work on her own ish, for once. Mazikeen has had quite the arc since we first saw her at LUX and through that amazing winter finale a few months ago.

Finding Purpose

The character is played to perfection by Lesley-Ann Brandt with just the right amounts humor, vulnerability, and badassery.  Mazikeen has become far more than Lucifer’s right-hand demoness and barkeep for LUX. When Lucifer first connected with his human detective “pet” as she once called Chloe, Mazikeen felt threatened. The being who she’d had served for eons wasn’t letting her do everything that it took to protect him from harm. He wasn’t enjoying the more decadent things in life anymore. Lucifer was becoming all too human for Mazikeen’s tastes. Last season, Mazikeen gave up on the hope that her boss would see “the light” and allow them to return home to hell. For some reason, Lucifer loved being on Earth and he found purpose in his partnership with Chloe Decker.

After saving Amenadiel’s life, Mazikeen took off for parts unknown. Lucifer was at home now on Earth and she had to figure out a way to do the same for herself. What’s a girl to do, but move out and find herself a new job. Make a few great friends. Torture Lucifer’s Mum every now and again. Break up with her on-again-off-again angelic boo-thang. Mazikeen hit all of the major points and with the best sense of humor possible.

Initially, I was pretty bummed about Mazikeen stomping the brakes on her relationship with Amenadiel, but ultimately it was the best move. She was figuring out the things that she wanted for herself for once. She didn’t have time to be yet another thing that Amenadiel and his brother were fighting over or worse a weapon to be used against each other. Also, just because they aren’t hooking up these days, doesn’t mean that they are any less connected. The chemistry is still there in spades. Even if Amenadiel can’t admit that he still feels the pull between them.

The duo still comes together when it’s time to help Lucifer or their ever widening circle of humans. Maze can’t help teasing the newly fallen angel when they discover his mother hooking up with Chloe’s ex. The two are integral to Lucifer’s plan when he must return to hell to save Chloe’s life.

Unlikely BFFs

Last year, Mazikeen spent most of her time with either Lucifer or Amenadiel. There were two moments with both the Decker ladies that hinted at what might come of widening Mazikeen’s circle of friends. The writers went there and it was the best. Well, that and Mazikeen very interesting connection to the awesome Dr. Linda. Initially, when the two popped up together at the end of the premiere, I was uncertain of the nature of their connection. Mazikeen really does have amazing chemistry with just about everyone in the cast. She and Dr. Linda turn out to be friends. Sure Mazikeen finds herself taking up Lucifer’s spot on the therapy couch quite a few times this season. More than not, though it is a friend thing. Mazikeen finding her place in the world and having someone to celebrate her new job as a bounty hunter. The doctor offers Mazikeen a chance to feel appreciated. At one point this season, we find out that Lucifer has never once thanked his former minion for all the things she does.

Besides her friendship with Dr. Linda, Mazikeen bonds with Chloe and Trixie. The little girl offered Mazikeen her friend last season and this year she gave Mazi something even more important. Granted it was Halloween, but Chloe’s little girl saw Mazikeen’s true face and she thought it was pretty damn awesome. A huge step up from Dr. Linda’s reaction to seeing Lucifer’s true face. Gotta wonder how Chloe will react when she finds out that her roomie and the guy she’s jonesing for, aren’t quite human. Chloe and Maze have been great this season. They’re the perfect foils for each other. Chloe is the straight-laced police detective that deals in facts. Mazikeen likes to let loose and will get the job done however she sees fit. When Mum planted that bomb in Chloe’s car, Mazikeen stepped in before Lucifer’s Mum could work her damage. The bounty hunter even helps out with Chloe’s casework when the need for arises. Honestly, who else would you want interrogating a suspect, but Hell’s number one?

Badass Mazikeen is the best, but getting to see her vulnerable side as we do in her moments with Trixie and in the Winter Finale when they were having trouble resuscitating Lucifer goes a long way to showing just how deep this demoness’ layers go.

It’s Complicated

While things aren’t romantic between Lucifer and Mazikeen. Well, at least not from what we’ve seen during the show. They’ve definitely hooked up in the past and Mazi likely wanted more at one point or another during their eons together in Hell. These days Lucifer has created a family of sorts for himself on Earth. Mazikeen is included in that circle. He’d never let her hurt Chloe, but it would be interesting to see how far the Devil would go to protect Mazikeen. She was his loyal minion for so long that he takes her existence and protective nature towards him for granted. Mazikeen is a strong woman and can take care of herself, but it would be interesting to see Lucifer looking out for her for once. Perhaps if not this season, then in the next one, we’ll get to see more Hell-born demons and other creatures that will explore the show’s supernatural element even more.

Here’s hoping for more awesome moments like this…

and this…


Hit the comments and let me know your favorite Mazikeen moments and twists so far. If you missed it, check out yesterday’s refresher on all things Deckerstar (Chloe/Lucifer) here. Be back tomorrow to continue our weeklong countdown to next week’s all-new episode. Tomorrow focuses on Lucifer’s truly dysfunctional family ties.

In the meantime, get your Mazikeen fix the way I do and fall into a Tumblr hole or spend hours watching fanvids like this gem by @GlamourStar0x

Lucifer Returns to Fox on 05/01/2017 @ 9/8c

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