‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: 8 times you were the Xander Harris of your group

We all love Buffy for her ass kicking ways, right? She’s powerful and amazing in the most dire of situations. She never backs down and never runs from a fight. We admire her for her bravery but let’s face it, we would all be scared AF if we lived in the world of Buffy. We’d freak out, just like our favorite Sunnydale dude, Xander Harris.

Xander has some qualities that made him vital to the team but Xander spends the better part of the series genuinely freaked the f*ck out and we don’t blame him. He is a man among literal goddesses (Buffy, Willow and Tara), a wise Giles and vampires and that’s what makes him so easy to relate to.

He’s sarcastic, slightly neurotic, goofy but super sweet. Every group has a Xander so if you don’t know who the Xander of your group of friends is, chances are, it’s you.

Check out these times that you were totally the Xander of your group!

#1 When someone suggests going out on a weeknight

#2 When you are always the chill, sober and responsible one in public

#3 When you love your friends but you value your alone time

#4 When your friends try to get you to try a juice cleanse with them

#5 You are hilarious AF and laugh at yourself often

#6 When your friends put you in charge of something, you panic slightly

#7 When you can be a little judgmental but only because you care

#8 When you realize that you’d do anything for your friends because even though you are all different, they are your world.

Xander on my friend!

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Meg Bonney

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