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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Refresher: The Devil and his Detective

The months have been long and hellish (sorry and yes I had to), but have no fear Lucifans because our favorite charming devil finally returns one week from tonight. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been nursing the Lucifer-sized hole in my tv schedule by poring over every single fanvid and losing myself for hours at a time over on Tumblr. For those of you who haven’t been rewatching every single episode all over again, I thought it might be a good idea to offer up a refresher on the major developments of the season so far.

This show is an ensemble and I wouldn’t be able to do everyone’s development absolute justice in one post. Tonight, let’s jump headlong into the wonderfulness that was Deckerstar’s (Luci/Chloe) evolution this season.

Partnership Made in Heaven

We all know this dance. Girl meets boy. Boy turns out to be the prince of hell. They fall for each other. We’ve all known since the beginning that Lucifer would fall for Chloe, the one woman on Earth who appears to be immune to his nature charms. Despite knowing this, it was great seeing Chloe resist falling for Lucifer too quickly and instead watching them find a bond as partners and friends. Season 2’s premiere kicked things into overdrive by highlighting just how tight this partnership became. Despite how strange and often inappropriate this partner of hers turned out to be, Chloe found that she not only liked working with Lucifer but counted on it. She’s all about facts and logic, but Lucifer has a way of looking at the world that is all his own. Also, he has that ability to charm certain truths out of people. More than anything though, she trusts that he always has her back.


Time and again, they’ve proved this truth to one another throughout this season. Even when it comes to family, we’ve seen Lucifer choice Chloe’s safety and well-being. It’s thanks to Lucifer’s instigation and a bet in poor taste with Mazikeen that leads to one of the best episodes of the season (2×04, “Lady Parts”).  Finally our favorite detective takes a step away from her caseload and her role as Mom. She finds her tribe and lets down her hair for the best girls night possible. Also, there was the added bonus of Chloe and Mazi becoming roomies. How low were my aspirations last season when I merely wanted to see these two go undercover together. These two as unlikely roommates have been pure joy. So all together now…Thanks, Luci!

When Lucifer almost loses Lux thanks to his mother’s machinations, it’s the Detective who steps in with the save. The club and LA has become his home away from heaven and hell, but as Mum figures out by episode’s end, Lux isn’t what keeps her boy hanging around. It only takes a look at Chloe and Lucifer together for the reborn Goddess to figure out what we…and Dr Linda…and Ella already knew.

Lucifer Lux Home Away From Home

Of course, Mum does her level best to nip this budding romance in the bud. Bombs don’t work. Thanks for that Mazikeen. New questions over her father’s death bring the duo closer together. Ultimately, it’s a truth set into motion 35 years prior that pushes them apart.

Since the beginning, Lucifer has marveled over the fact that a human in the world can resist his charms. The lure to spill one’s deepest desires is one that works for Lucifer 99.999999% of the time. Chloe is the only exception. There’s that and the fact that close proximity to the detective leaves Lucifer physically vulnerable to being hurt. From the start, he suspects that dear old Dad aka God has something to do with this anomaly. As time passes, that theory seems to go out the window. At least until Amenadiel sees Chloe’s mother and realizes that his father sent him to the woman 35 years before to create a miracle. Chloe. The child who would become the woman meant for Lucifer. My thought on this? Awwwww, yay. She’s his soulmate. Lucifer does not see things this way.

Romance Interruptus

Chloe and Lucifer are well on their way and the Deckerstar ship is sailing proudly when all hell breaks loose. Over the last few episodes of season 2 (so far), we see Chloe and Lucifer growing closer and closer. Their friendship growing into something much deeper. Lasting looks and almost kisses. When Lucifer begins to realize that all of his romantic entanglements have been superficial, the devil starts to doubt that anyone can truly care for him. He does not think he is worthy of Chloe and he tells her as much.

Then it happens. She takes control and she kisses Lucifer and damn was it sweet. Of course, it doesn’t take long for Lucifer to start wondering if his mojo is actually working on Chloe where it hadn’t before. It doesn’t help matters that Chloe after one intense and….horny dream about Lucifer’s love handles, Mazikeen tells her roomie to loosen up for once. Chloe heeds this advise and starts acting completely, awkwardly flirty and out of character. (I’d have slapped his behind too, though). It was cute seeing Lucifer seek advice from the Co-eds instead of getting flirty with him. Chloe gets jealous just as we saw her do earlier in the season with Lucifer and Ella.  Thankfully, Lucifer sees the light and realizes that the connection between them is the real deal. The looks and feeling are just too glorious for words.

See??? Glorious. It couldn’t last, could it? Not yet. As any seasoned shipper knows, no couple manages to make it through without ALOT of obstacles. In this case, Lucifer finds out the truth about Chloe’s birth. He’s not down with the idea of his father interfering with his life and setting Chloe in his path. He also wonders if Chloe knows the truth after all. She doesn’t. Also, she’s been poisoned and could be dying. So, like a true badass, Lucifer puts his BS aside long enough to come up with a plan to intervene before the poison kills Chloe like it has done with others. Things don’t look good at all.

He’s got 24 hours to get the gang altogether (humans, angels, demons, and Mums). With an assist from Maze and Linda, he takes another trip down below looking for the tortured soul who created the deadly poison. Lucifer relieves the man long enough from eternal torment to find out how to save Chloe.

Getting out of hell isn’t as easy as it was before, though. The devil’s been gone for a while and he’s got quite a few sins to answer for, such as, Uriel’s death. Lucifer finds himself stuck in his own torturous loop where he is forced to kill his brother, Uriel, again and again. Surprisingly, Mum saves the day, returning to hell to get Lucifer out. She almost spirals and gets stuck due to her own guilt. She admits that she has been manipulating her sons as she plots her revenge against their father. Lucifer isn’t pleased.

He returns to LA long enough to make sure to save Chloe and then he’s gone. By the end of 2×13, “A Good Day to Die”, Chloe arrives at Lux after days (weeks?) of trying to reach Lucifer and having him avoid her calls. She told him in the hospital before he left the last time that she was ready to take the next step with him.

Apparently, Lucifer has some MAJOR parental issues that he’ll need to work through before he and Chloe can go anywhere. Here’s hoping that happens fast because I need a lot more of this…

and this…

and while they’re at it.

Get you a guy who looks at you the way that our charming Devil looks at Chloe, yea? What were your favorite Deckerstar moments from Season 2 (so far)? Hit the comments and let me know. Check back here tomorrow for some Mazikeen love. She’s had a pretty stellar sophomore season as well.


Lucifer Returns to Fox on 05/01/2017 @ 9/8c

Gifs/Photos: Lucifer/Fox


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