Alterna Comics Limited Series Comic Releases for May 2017

Scheduled for a May 3rd release, Alterna Comics has four titles that are set for a newsprint run. With the prices of these comics running between $1.00 and $1.50, you should hit up your local comic book store and pick up a copy there. Besides, you really need to go down there and get some other comics as well. Admit it, you do! Don’t worry, though, if you can’t find the newsprint issues—you can always pick up the digital version.

The four titles that are getting an extended printing are Adam Wreck, Amazing Age, Croak, and Lilith Dark. Each of these is entirely different, so keep reading to get a breakdown on each one.

Adam Wreck

Alterna Comics – Adam Wreck

Adam Wreck is just a kid in space with some rather good luck. Well, except for his parent’s being kidnapped by Space Pirates and him crashing-landing on a plant. It is a pleasant diversion for Adam, as he had been traveling space with his parents. Everyone knows that road trips can be rather boring at times, so just imagine a two-year road trip and you can see how much excitement was in his life up until the start of the issues. The life of a bored kid suddenly turns into an adventure with the addition of Space Pirates. Everyone knows pirates make things better, anyhow.

The biggest weapon that Adam has on his side is some incredible luck. Crash landing on a planet isn’t the safest thing to do (let alone surviving for very long), but Adam does manage not to get himself killed. With a little help from an alien, Captain Voric, the two team up to find the Trillion Star and rescue Adam’s parents in the process.

Words and art by Michael S. Bracco

Available: May 2017, July 2017, and September 2017


Amazing Age

Alterna Comics – Amazing Age

It all started years ago when a young comic artist named Sam cast his friends as superheroes in the comic he was bringing to life. Queue a tragic moment, then a time jump a few years into the future. The years have passed as the kids grew up, and some have drifted apart. Then, something amazing happened: The comics come to life pulling them into the real life world that Sam created. Once the issue comes to a close, you will want more!

Story by Matthew D. Smith. Art by Jeremy Massie. Colors by Christine Bruson

Available: May 2017, July 207, September 2017, November 2017, and January 20418


Alterna Comics – Croak

You know how you are never supposed to go camping in the woods when you are a teenager because horrible things will happen? Well, let’s just say that is how Croak throws us into the story.

Aubrey, Nick, and Tim, who are very relatable in the way they talk to each other, head out into the woods to go camping. Why? Just because, which works out perfectly for this story. The thing about this story is right away you know something bad is going to happen to them, but you are left guessing. In the end, there is just enough revealed to entice you to want to know how the rest of the story progresses.

Writing by Cody Andrew Sousa. Art but Francesco Iaquinta. Colors by Chris O’Halloran. Lettering by Dezi Sienty

Available: May 2017, July 2017, September 2017

Lilith Dark

Alterna Comics – Lilith Dark

Lilith is a young girl with an extremely active imagination. There is adventure everywhere with danger lurking around every corner that requires her attention. Being a Defender of the Innocent and Salyer of Beasties is a hard job after all. Everyday life ruins everything, though, and Lilith just wishes to have one real adventure. Lucky for Lilith, she receives her wish.

If you have young readers, you are shopping for, Lilith Dark is a perfect addition. Fantasy, adventure, and action for all ages.

Art and story by Charles C. Dowd

Available: May 2017, July 2017, September 2017, November 2017

Head on over to Alterna Comics to find out more about these comics and the check out the rest of their catalogue.


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