‘Thor: Ragnarok’: 5 of our favorite moments from the teaser trailer

You wanted more Thor: Ragnarok? You got more Thor: Ragnarok.

The teaser trailer for the biggest upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe was just released on April 9. And oh man, does it have us excited. Let’s recap some of the highlights of the teaser in hopes that the movie will come out sooner.

1. Cate Blanchett being a badass

Cate Blanchett looks like she is going to kick some Asgardian butt as the villainess Hela. And as much as we all love Thor, there’s something about a villain that looks this powerful that really makes us ready to see more of her. First of all, she crushes Thor’s hammer. With her hand. Then she states that Asgard is dead while wielding a fearsome sword. We’re beyond ready to see how Thor clashes with this new threat.

hela thor ragnarok


2. Valkyrie’s introduction

Let’s chat about Valkyrie for a second. In the Thor comics, she has a very complicated backstory (including body-swapping, immortality, and some other stuff we won’t get into). In the movie adaptation, she and Thor obviously aren’t on good terms when she delivers him to the Grandmaster to be a gladiator. But she’s a part of a fierce group of women warriors (#GirlSquad for the win) and she might just end up on Thor’s side.

valkyrie thor ragnarok


3. New characters appearing

Besides Hela and Valkyrie, some other new faces are added to the mix. The Grandmaster, for example, is the one overseeing the deadly gladiator battles that Thor finds himself thrust into. Skurge is also seen in the teaser, which is an awesome treat for anyone that was looking out for it. Skurge is a very dynamic character and may play a large role in Thor: Ragnarok (potential spoiler alert for this link). It’ll be epic seeing how these new characters impact the story.

grandmaster thor ragnarok


4. Loki and Hulk returning

Can you hear our excitement from here? Not only did we a get a (short but wonderful) glimpse of Loki, we also got to see the Incredible Hulk all, well, hulked up and ready to fight anyone who stands in his way. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see more of these two (plus Doctor Strange) in Thor: Ragnarok.

loki thor ragnarok
hulk thor raganrok


5. “He’s a friend from work”

And here we have it, ladies and gentlemen: possibly the best part of the teaser trailer. Thor is thrown into the gladiator arena on an unfamiliar planet without his trusty hammer. He doesn’t know what to expect, and then, lo and behold, Hulk busts out. Thor is elated, to say the least, surprising everyone in the arena. He yells that the two know each other and are “friends from work.” Afterward, Hulk charges Thor, almost disregarding what the god said. If that moment is anything like how the movie will pan out, sign us up.

thor friend from work


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