Reliving the 9 best moments from the ‘Deadpool’ movie

Deadpool (AKA, Wade Wilson) is the wise-cracking, chimichanga loving, anti-hero we all love. Taking his name from a game that he played in a bar, Wade Wilson begins his adventure as a mercenary taking on contracts killing people who he felt deserved to be killed. Needless to say, I love Deadpool! Let’s take a look at some fan-favorite moments from the film.

Warning: This movie is rated R for a very good reason. There is profanity (and lots of it), sexual connotations, etc., so view these clips with caution.

Opening Combat Scene

Full of Deadpool’s potty humor and heroics, this scene is full of memorable moments! From him showing someone his crayon drawing asking them if they’ve seen Francis, to his face being mashed into the headrest and him saying rich Corinthian leather; this opening combat scene is full of great moments!

You’ll have to share…

Deadpool has only 12 bullets and tells his opponents that they have to share bullets. Love how he counted them down. Very awesome!

No One…

Deadpool tells Colossus that no one’s getting hurt when a guy that got splattered on a street sign from the opening combat scene falls to the ground. His response, he was already there when he got there. Now Deadpool…hahaha!

Deadpool’s Handcuff Escape

Deapool attempts to beat Colossus up. He epically fails, and Colossus handcuffs Deadpool. We get to find out how he escapes and how well his regenerative powers work. He cuts off his entire hand, and leaves Colossus with a nice parting message!


Deadpool escapes the institution that gives him his regenerative powers and goes to see his friend at the bar. His friend’s reaction is… avocado.

Wear red…

Wade is doing his laundry and using a stain stick for the blood on his costume when the old lady that he lives with says, ‘wear red dumb***’.


Wade finally makes it home and slips into his blue Crocs slippers and says ‘ahhh! Comfy!’. Old Lady Al tells him the upside to being blind is that she’s never had to see him in his Crocs.


Deadpool goes to X Mansion to get help, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead greets him at the door. He says, ‘Ripley from Alien 3!’ Funny thing is, with her haircut and with the way that she’s dressed, she looks just like her!

Deadpool’s Ride

Deadpool gets a ride from The Negasonic Teenage Warhead that flings him up to the flight deck of the aircraft carrier atop of a car hood. The hood ends up squashing a couple villains after Deadpool hops off. Cool!

This guy wants to be like Deadpool when he grows up! Did we miss any of your favorite moments? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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